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So where do You Planning to Get Married? Goa or Rajasthan?

Now that you have decided to get married the next question that comes up is where you are going to have your wedding. Yes! The wedding destination.

Are you a beach person or a mountain person? Are you inclined towards natural beauty or you prefer the pomp and show of a grand wedding? You have to decide and the time is now.

Here we suggest a list of most preferred wedding destinations in India to help you choose.

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Have an offbeat yet classic wedding on the beautiful beaches of these islands which are known for their charm. Your guests will be more than delighted to come to your wedding at the holiday destination. Though overrated but you can also go for Goa if you want to make your wedding a party to remember.
  • Jaipur & Udaipur – If you have dreamt of a royal wedding, then these two destinations have the perfect wedding arrangement for you. They have palatial resorts, exquisite lakes, traditional touch and more. No wonder they are the most popular wedding destinations on the list.
  • Lavasa – Never mind if you can’t have your wedding in Italy. We can definitely give your wedding an Italian touch right here in India. Lavasa is the wedding destination that you are looking for. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls and lovely architecture takes you into a different world and makes your wedding the most memorable time of your life.
  • Shimla – It is the most overrated holiday destination but still has a lot to offer for those who want to marry in the mountains. Breathtaking views and magical nights are guaranteed. You can definitely plan your wedding at this beautiful wedding destination.
  • Agra – What could be better than the epitome of love itself for your wedding! This could be a dreamy affair. Isn’t it?

Explore wedding destination options and make up your mind before you end up having a cliché one. We are happy to help. Let us know your thoughts too. Contribute to the ideas in our comment section. See you at the wedding!

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Food that you want to see for your Wedding!

Your wedding menu!

Majority of the guests at your wedding will remember only the food that was served on the day. Therefore, a proper reason for you to pay attention to the menu card of your wedding.

With Indians being experimental with food preferences, we have a larger scope in terms of cuisines. One can choose from traditional north Indian or south Indian cuisines to continental, Chinese, Thai and even Mexican. You can pick a food theme for your wedding too.

Food is on top of the wedding planning list especially in north of India. Weddings in Delhi are known for their exquisite food options. Delicacies like dal makhni, tandoori chicken, malaipaneer or pindichole are always on the wedding menu.

We can always plan a three course meal that takes care of major food preferences especially what the bride and groom love. It can include starters, main course and desserts. Each category having a minimum of five to three different food variants. Also, the presentation of the food stalls is of great importance as they attract your guests and urge them to try more options. Sometimes the food stalls are decorated in a way that they add to the wedding decorations.

Couple of suggestions basis the mass food preferences at the Indian weddings.

The North Indian extravaganza – this primarily includes all the popular dishes at the weddings and is a great package for those who prefer for a traditional wedding. It has great options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. You can also choose from Punjabi, Rajasthani, Pahari, Kashmiri or Lucknowi cuisines.

Chinese platter – The food options listed here are primarily for the starters as they are preferred by all and are filling. People tend to eat more of starters and less of main course. Dishes like chilli chicken, honey chilli potato wedges, spring rolls and soups are loved.

Dessert delight – What is wedding without sweets! You can explore plethora of options ranging from traditional mithaai and halwa to ice-creams, cakes and chocolate mousses.

Hope this article gives you some points to begin your wedding planning. Share your thoughts with us. See you at the wedding! Happy eating!

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