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Jukebox – The Perfect Bollywood Songs List For Your Wedding


By Nivedhitha Ravi

Indeed, Weddings get the spirit when naach gaana enters the fields. A wedding will be no more complete without the painful legs due to power-packed dance. Here are some of the nuptial anthem, as per the ceremonies, that addict every single one of the guests to jump into the dance floor.


The day when you get officially locked up from your bachelor’s life is when you change the ring to your paramour. You will be telling the entire world that you are getting married. This day should be the occasion in which you expressed your love to your beau with your entire family standing as a witness. The music should be a way of committing yourself to someone you love the most.

Check out the list of songs that will be apt for your engagement.


The happily-ever-after song gives you the excitement you need when you are unable to show how satisfied you are.


Strictly for the princess-soon-to-be-queen: The song that gradually lures groom to the heavenly heart of the bride.


The romantic song shows the love of the groom to the bride who wants his lady to be with him always.


This definition of evergreen gives you wonders of love on how the couple is destined to be together.


Ever felt a soul? This song takes you right into the soul of your loved ones.



The night will be the beginning of your forthcoming wedding ceremony. All the ladies getting their hands even more adorned with mehndi, aunties dancing around the bride talking about how she had grown faster from kid to lady, and the begetters of the bride controlling their tears with a smile as their princess are going to leave them – mehndi night is all about fun, going crazy rogue and getting little emotional.

Get your mind crazy and pour your feelings out with the below song recommendations.


The heart-melting beats express the pain of the bride and her parents when the bride is going to live with her king.


There is no wedding without this song being played in their mehndi functions. Totally enjoyable song.


This song grabs your attention with its desi Punjabi style and focuses on how girlfriend and boyfriend change into desi wedding couples.


All the ladies make fun of the bride and groom subtly using this very song composed by the legendary A R Rahman.


The magical composition of A R Rahman gives a colourful feeling that throws away the pressure of upcoming wedding ceremony.



This ceremony is all about celebrating the bride and groom and stating the painful fact of married life in a fun way which makes them more anticipated to get wedded. Dancing without any others’ consent which gives the result we need to fuel the spirit – DESI. We will be in a state of amazement by seeing the dance of the non-dancing person in our group. So, the songs should be with beats that get our 90-year old grandfather to dance and we know the exact playlist for it.


This reprised version of the 90s peppy song will get your legs moving, urging you to dance for the beat.


Planning to make your whole family dance? Get ready to see your family dancing with their crazy steps listening to this song.


The all-time favourite still rules the DJ for its exotic peppy rhythms.


What a look. What a grace. – This song is the key to impress your bride.


Be it a one-side lover, boyfriend, groom, or husband, this song suits for everyone – a celebration of love.



Music is an important part that converts this formal dinner into a fun carnival. With delicious dinner, luxuriating drinks, and awe-struck décor, the cocktail party will be a spirit-lifting moment for the bride and groom. But the craziest dance moves will lift the guests to another level of fun at any party. Even though the guests are ready to dance, the crucial point of fun is the choice of song. Presenting you the most wanted songs made especially for the cocktail parties.


A perfect way of welcoming everyone with a swag.


Make an appealing move while wearing a high heel – the funny way of expressing the life of a married couple.


All boys, get ready to show your dance style to your crush with this rocking song in the background.


The successful venture of the “Mozart of Madras” will urge the bride and groom to fall in love again.


Have a desi heart that doesn’t listen. It’s alright. Hop on to this song.



This will be a wrap-up of the entire wedding ceremony. The songs’ aura should be changing from time to time to please the guests. The playlist should start from excitement – welcoming the newly married couple – and go on with love and adherence.

The songs should be played throughout the night. Listening to the

songs which are in the same genre for a long time will make the guests feel bored. No worries. These massive hits will coincide with the mood of the occasion that results in a serene night that ends the ceremony.


The remake of the nostalgic 90s song gets you to hop your hip accordingly.


A song dedicated to the splendid evening that lights the moon with the décor.


The disease of love which is fairly malignant – feel your love throughout your body with this song.


The devotional song with soothing beats that feels fresh.


The exotic way of expressing the feel around the house of heart – Raabta.

Here is your jukebox with famous songs that could explode your wedding with fun, craze, and excitement. This blog is to make the obligations of your wedding easier and smoother. The songs may vary with different people’s preferences. But this list has the most famous songs in the decade without which weddings won’t happen. We hope this blog is helpful to you.


Essentials of every Bride

By Megha Goswami

Now that you are soon going to be a bride in a few days, you have to make sure, that all your essentials are ready beforehand. After all, who wants to hear, “Baarat darwaze pai hain, par dulhan abhi tak taiyaar nahi hui!!!”. Normally, while checking the essentials list for the one last time, we make sure that the bigger subjects of essentials, like the jewellery, the bride will be wearing for various functions are kept at place but many times we forget about bobby pins that are needed for the hairstyling. You tell me are bobby pins not essentials? Whether you are having a destination wedding or a home wedding, keeping all your essentials at the place will turn out to be very fruitful and will help to avoid the last-minute haste. Here are some essential categories, you need to check twice before you the beginning of the wedding events.

  1. The Wedding kit

The wedding kit comprises of all the items you need for the wedding. It is the first kit you would be looking for during your wedding. The essentials here are :

  • Outfits – All the outfits starting with the haldi to the reception should be kept separately in a bag. Make sure you don’t crumble them. Put them in a nice stack so that the stones and embroideries on them won’t get ruined.
  • Jewellery – Match jewellery with each of the function outfits and keep in them in separate boxes. Keep all the jewellery for a function in one box. As an example, the Mehandi jewellery which will have a necklace, choker, earrings, bangles, waistband, the forehead jewellery, keep all these in one box.
  • Shoes – Keep your shoes in separate shoe boxes or pouches. Don’t keep your shoes in one bag otherwise, they may get damaged.
  • Only a girl understands the importance of good and comfortable lingerie. Every outfit needs different lingerie. Decide your lingerie previously with different outfits. Remember, you will be wearing every outfit at least for 3-4 hours so make sure your lingerie is comfortable.
  1. The Makeup Kit

Girls and makeup are inseparable. Especially when it comes to wedding, girls to crazy with makeup. Though you are going to hire a makeup artist there are things you need to keep in the essential list. We understand, after all, it’s your D-Day, and you gonna make efforts to look the best with a flawless face and perfect jawline. So, the must-have things in your makeup kit would be  :

For feeding your skin with some nourishment you would need a face wash, toner, serum, face cream and spray sunscreen (incase of day functions)

For the makeup kit, you need to have primer, foundations, concealers, loose powders, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, kajal, brow tint, bronzer, contour palette, highlighter, blusher, lip pencils, lipsticks, makeup setting spray and obviously makeup sponge and makeup brushes. Keep a makeup remover as well because at the end of the functions you have to remove your makeup.

For your hair, sort out all your accessories like the bobby pins, bun, rubber band, comb, clutcher, veil and your hair styling tools. Although, your makeup artist would carry it anyway, what’s the harm in keeping them.

  1. The Extras

Basically the extras are the most essential items. We often neglect their presence but they are very much needed.

  • Safety pins – Don’t you get irritated, when you are dressing up and don’t find your safety pins. To avoid any such situations, during your wedding, keep 5-6 pack of safety pins in your outfit kit.
  • Personal toiletries – Corona time has taught us the importance of hygiene. And being a bride, make sure you don’t use other’s toiletries as it could lead to bacterial infection causing acne and rashes.
  • Always keep a needle thread box along with your outfits. In case, your outfits get a bit torn sort of, you can sew it immediately and not hover around looking for a tailor.
  • If you are having a destination wedding, then carry some comfy night suit with you. Days will be long and tiresome, so the night demands to be relaxing. And what’s more relaxing, then some comfortable PJs.

Be it a destination or home wedding, the essential list for brides is never complete. A bride needs almost everything, during her wedding, but the essential items are to be given a second check. After all, you do want to search for things here and there instead of enjoying your day.


Is It Humanly Possible to Keep Up with Wedding Trends?!

I must admit that I’m a bit puzzled that wedding trends and fads changing so quickly, as laid out, for example, in this Vogue article about 2017 wedding food trends.

This is what I mean: Fashion trends come and go quickly too. But you wear clothes every day, and it’s understandable that you’d get tired of this or that style after a time.

But you only get married rarely, one hopes. You aren’t having a 2016 wedding and then a 2017 wedding, one hopes.

So it would seem like wedding trends would therefore be a lot more slow-moving and dictated by the ways the groom and (especially) bride have always imagined their wedding to be, often for years beforehand.

I guess I underestimated peer pressure, though, and how many weddings young trendsetters, thoughtfluencers, and buzzwordians attend each year to establish a moving baseline. Social media is powerful.

Per the Vogue article, things are going in a more classical direction this year, with more formality and tradition and less quirk.

Tower cakes are back. Family-style dinners, all the rage in 2016, are so gross now, ew.

Whatever your feelings are about trends and fads in general – I think it’s rather clear that they bring out a skeptical side of me – there can be no denying that they matter very much to a lot of brides and bridegrooms, and so, like it or not, they need to matter a lot to you as a wedding pro.

So you need to stay on top of this stuff. But how?

  1. Research Smartly

You probably don’t need me to tell you that a good place to start would be by googling “Wedding Trends 2017” and reading the relevant pieces that come up.

But do you use Google Search tools? It’s right there on the page after you get your results: Tools.
Click on that, and you can crucially search by recency, or a range of dates.

So just get the results from the last day, week, month, whatever, thereby assisting you in your quest to get on and stay on the real cutting edge.

Example: I just chose to only get results from the last month, and it gave me an article on *2018* wedding trends.

Weddings are apparently like cars, then. We don’t have to be in the calendar year yet for the models to come out.

  1. Focus On Vocabulary

The Vogue article makes mention of “roaming buffets,” a current trend. The author helpfully explains what that is, but your customers won’t.

If you’re a wedding caterer, and a prospective customer asks you if you do roaming buffets and you don’t know what that is (unlikely, but still) what are you going to do?

You’ll either have to navigate the minefield of pretending you know and winging it, or admit you don’t and look uninformed while potentially losing a customer.

Obviously, those are both horrible choices and you want to avoid being put in that position as much as you can.

So whenever you come across a trendy term you’re unfamiliar with, slam on the brakes and look it up.

  1. Worry Not About Contradiction

Your customers will probably come at you with ideas, wants and desires that fly in the face of their other ideas, wants, and desires.

That’s okay. It’s human nature. As long as its logistically possible, without undue hardship, to (for example) play nothing but gospel songs and Insane Clown Posse tracks at the reception, you should do it, and do it with a smile.

I bring up this point because the first listicle item in the Vogue piece is “Keep It Small” and the last one is “Big Is Back.”

Does this make me want to throw my laptop out the window and run to a small off-the-grid commune in the Alaska where I will live out my life making ink out of seal blubber?


But will I? No. I am a consummate wedding professional.

What are your best tips for staying on trend? Click here

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