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Dream beach weddings

By Divyani Bhardwaj

Beach weddings are turning into another most loved far and wide trend. Numerous individuals tired with busy city lives and worried with work, choose simple, windy shore-side weddings that are a delight to join in. Beach weddings in India are a perfect decision for a more laid back and private festival of your adoration for one another. The sun, sand, surf and shaadi blend stays a perpetual top choice! Couples nowadays are excited about hosting a beach wedding. Mountains, slopes, mansions or valleys; nothing is contrasted with a wonderful beach with regards to picking a destination for your wedding. The pleasant sound of the waves and the white sand gives the most picturesque spot to host a wedding and particularly with regards to clicking great grand wedding photographs.

A beach destination wedding has such huge numbers of advantages, it resembles a smaller than expected get-away for the couple, yet for their wedding visitors also. Not exclusively will your wedding pictures end up being totally excellent, however, your visitors will get the opportunity to appreciate significantly more. Be that as it may, arranging a beach wedding doesn’t appear to be simple. You have to deal with your visitors, the area that you settle on ought to be ideal remembering the climate conditions and wedding outfits also.

India has numerous delightful destinations for arranging a beach wedding. One of the most famous destinations is without a doubt the territory of Goa. Goa, a little state in the southwestern area of India, is home to a number of the most scenic and vivid beaches in the nation. One of the most vacationer agreeable states, Goa gloats of numerous pretty areas for beach weddings in India. Known as ‘God’s own nation’ the province of Kerala is more celebrated for its picturesque backwaters. What the vast majority will in general overlook that it additionally houses some delightful unblemished beaches. On the off chance that you need more activity, vacationer activities and parties, Goa might be more suitable for you and if excellence and a peaceful romanticism is the vibe you’re going for then the beaches of Kerala are ideal for your beach wedding. Another dazzling alternative is the Lakshadweep, a group of 36 little islands off the Malabar Coast. The delightful blue waters, safe environs and picturesque reefs and beaches make it an incredible region for a beach wedding. Spots like Goa, Kerala and Lakshadweep are very cordial and have a functioning influence in the travel industry of the nation, in this manner arranging a beach wedding in India is a moderately simple procedure. There are huge amounts of entertainment choices, accommodation choices as well as scenic locations to plan exactly what you envisaged your wedding day to be. Not to overlook that they are effectively accessible by either road, air or rail. One thing you may need to remember is to plan in accordance with the climate of the region and the best occasions to visit these spots. The best time to host a destination wedding in Goa or in Kerala, at that point is the end of October till the start of March can be the best time to pick your wedding date. These months have wonderful and controlled dampness during the night. You can without much of a stretch arrange some open-air wedding functions.

Beach weddings in India are an extraordinary option in contrast to the intricate and occupied issues of conventional weddings. Fun, therapeutic and romantic, they are a perfect idea for an out of the box wedding.

Arranging a Wedding so Big all by yourself is quite difficult and that is where a Wedding Event Planner comes in Picture and Makes your Dream a Reality! Shubh Muhurat holds itself qualified for planning Luxurious Wedding Events by Award Winning Wedding Specialist that plans wedding tailored to your Vision. We have 1200 Properties in 42 Countries for a perfect destination for your wedding. No matter what you have in your mind about your dream wedding, we will make it all come true!! So what are you waiting for!? Connect with us and Our Wedding Specialist will consult you with everything about your Big Day absolutely FREE!!!


Wedding as an emotion!

By Supritha Nallam

India is a country of diversity, homing in it a sundry of people, cultures, traditions, languages, religions and customs. And a Wedlock as a concept, no doubt stands at a high pedestal across all of them. A wedding is indeed a kind of emotion on which novels are inspired, movies are made and the celebration of love is treasured.

A father transferring his most priced possession to a man he believed in, more than anything in the universe. The daughter taking a new step leaving behind her superhero to reach her price charming hoping to always remain daddy’s little princess. Bidding farewell to a part of her flesh, yet assuring to send her heart along, tears of a mother brushing away in pride looking at her little baby outgrown into a beautiful bride. Giggles and Secrets, but secretly missing her sister’s wardrobe, pulling her hair to pulling her legs, for the little brother feeling the void of the person to throw sarcasm at. Bridesmaid for a day, but a best friend for a lifetime.   Two souls sticking together loving unconditionally, indistinctively, like an effortless breath, felt through a handheld, a promise made and a smile that never distinguished. Surely, the emotions of the wedding cannot be described in any short of this. Is this not what love, sacrifice, hope, trust and conviction looks like, then the universe isn’t sure about describing it well.

Once in a while, when encompassed in the mundanity of life, Love gives everyone a fairy tale to fancy about, it being nothing but marriage. The highest form of commitment- a covenant to look together for the beam of light among the darkest clouds, a promise to bind together like the colours of the rainbow, a conviction to give best of oneself and ask no more than what the other can give, to fall in love in a new way every single day, and resolving to deliver more than all the promises made. One wouldn’t sure believe a simple word “W-E-D-D-I-N-G”, carries in it a truckload of fervour as deep as the ocean, as endless as the sky, as bright as the sun and as far as the stars, but first, you sure have to sip it to taste it, similarly, you must marry to get it.




Essentials of every Bride

By Megha Goswami

Now that you are soon going to be a bride in a few days, you have to make sure, that all your essentials are ready beforehand. After all, who wants to hear, “Baarat darwaze pai hain, par dulhan abhi tak taiyaar nahi hui!!!”. Normally, while checking the essentials list for the one last time, we make sure that the bigger subjects of essentials, like the jewellery, the bride will be wearing for various functions are kept at place but many times we forget about bobby pins that are needed for the hairstyling. You tell me are bobby pins not essentials? Whether you are having a destination wedding or a home wedding, keeping all your essentials at the place will turn out to be very fruitful and will help to avoid the last-minute haste. Here are some essential categories, you need to check twice before you the beginning of the wedding events.

  1. The Wedding kit

The wedding kit comprises of all the items you need for the wedding. It is the first kit you would be looking for during your wedding. The essentials here are :

  • Outfits – All the outfits starting with the haldi to the reception should be kept separately in a bag. Make sure you don’t crumble them. Put them in a nice stack so that the stones and embroideries on them won’t get ruined.
  • Jewellery – Match jewellery with each of the function outfits and keep in them in separate boxes. Keep all the jewellery for a function in one box. As an example, the Mehandi jewellery which will have a necklace, choker, earrings, bangles, waistband, the forehead jewellery, keep all these in one box.
  • Shoes – Keep your shoes in separate shoe boxes or pouches. Don’t keep your shoes in one bag otherwise, they may get damaged.
  • Only a girl understands the importance of good and comfortable lingerie. Every outfit needs different lingerie. Decide your lingerie previously with different outfits. Remember, you will be wearing every outfit at least for 3-4 hours so make sure your lingerie is comfortable.
  1. The Makeup Kit

Girls and makeup are inseparable. Especially when it comes to wedding, girls to crazy with makeup. Though you are going to hire a makeup artist there are things you need to keep in the essential list. We understand, after all, it’s your D-Day, and you gonna make efforts to look the best with a flawless face and perfect jawline. So, the must-have things in your makeup kit would be  :

For feeding your skin with some nourishment you would need a face wash, toner, serum, face cream and spray sunscreen (incase of day functions)

For the makeup kit, you need to have primer, foundations, concealers, loose powders, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, kajal, brow tint, bronzer, contour palette, highlighter, blusher, lip pencils, lipsticks, makeup setting spray and obviously makeup sponge and makeup brushes. Keep a makeup remover as well because at the end of the functions you have to remove your makeup.

For your hair, sort out all your accessories like the bobby pins, bun, rubber band, comb, clutcher, veil and your hair styling tools. Although, your makeup artist would carry it anyway, what’s the harm in keeping them.

  1. The Extras

Basically the extras are the most essential items. We often neglect their presence but they are very much needed.

  • Safety pins – Don’t you get irritated, when you are dressing up and don’t find your safety pins. To avoid any such situations, during your wedding, keep 5-6 pack of safety pins in your outfit kit.
  • Personal toiletries – Corona time has taught us the importance of hygiene. And being a bride, make sure you don’t use other’s toiletries as it could lead to bacterial infection causing acne and rashes.
  • Always keep a needle thread box along with your outfits. In case, your outfits get a bit torn sort of, you can sew it immediately and not hover around looking for a tailor.
  • If you are having a destination wedding, then carry some comfy night suit with you. Days will be long and tiresome, so the night demands to be relaxing. And what’s more relaxing, then some comfortable PJs.

Be it a destination or home wedding, the essential list for brides is never complete. A bride needs almost everything, during her wedding, but the essential items are to be given a second check. After all, you do want to search for things here and there instead of enjoying your day.


New Wedding Affair (Intimate Wedding)


By Riya Garg


From lavish weddings to safety being the highest concern while planning a wedding, even weddings have been affected due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Are you also planning to marry this year during the pandemic? Worried about how your wedding look like? Afraid if you will be able to accomplish your childhood wedding dreams or not? But don’t you worry, as couples globally are facing challenges navigating a wedding with the right actions in the current scenario, We at Shubh Muhurat Luxury Weddings have prepared a perfect plan for your dream wedding even in these unprecedented pandemic times. We would not let you compromise with your dreamy wedding, we have made a critical plan for COVID weddings to ensure the safety of our employees, the wedding couple and the guests, and also ensuring grandeur at the same time. Put your trust in us and get ready for an intimate extravaganza never seen before.

Remember, We Are In This Together and we won’t let you worry alone, we are there with you at every step of your intimate home wedding so let’s adapt to this new normal with open arms.

Keeping in mind the restrictions imposed by the government because of the pandemic, we have redefined our perfect wedding plan to comprise the safety of the guests, complete sanitation of the wedding venue and minimal vendor contact.

  • With the digital enhancement, we prepare digital E-invites for the guests that can be shared with the close guests via mail and other messaging services.
  • We have fascinating wedding themes for you that can be executed in this ‘new normal’
  • We have planned the ambience of the wedding venue in such a way that it assures proper social distancing.
  • Along with photography and videography to capture your most special day, with our live streaming setups, your friends and acquaintances can enjoy your live wedding right from their homes in their mobile phones and laptops.
  • Instead of physical wedding gifts, we provide special E-vouchers to the wedding guests that can be redeemed within one year. Avoiding physical contact and also a wedding gift as per the guest’s own wish, isn’t like a cherry on the top of the cake?
  • Only close guests at the wedding? Make the perfect use of it by organizing personalized wedding games for you and your guests. Ess guests mean easy execution, cute isn’t?
  • Make your wedding all the more memorable and exciting with colour coordinating your wedding outfits for your intimate wedding.
  • We ask you not to compromise with the Pre-wedding shoot you have fantasized for so long. At wedding venues like ITC Grand Bharat, our photographers serve the best one it comes to pre-wedding pictures with alluring aesthetics in your pictures


Well, what is more in store for you?

  • To make your wedding attractive, we have tied up with vendors to provide customized marks for your relatives with titles written like Dulhe ki Behn in embroidery.
  • We have replaced cloth decorations with floral decoration to ensure NO CONTAMINATION at all. A perfect ambience with the fragrance of roses and lavenders, what else do you need for your dream wedding?
  • From Mehendi walas to Makeup Artists to Band Walas to caterers, all the services providers are decked with proper PPE kits ensuring safety.


We understand that it might be less lavish than usual, but with the Bride, the Groom and few close guests, it will be more special than before.  For us, your health & safety is a priority.  So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the pandemic sadden you. Plan a perfect intimate home wedding with us.


Checklist for organising a wedding this monsoon !

Organising a wedding in the monsoon creates multiple challenges thatmay become tough,even for the best destination wedding planner in Udaipur or any other place. In this article, we will share with you some tips to organise a great romantic monsoon wedding that all your guests will enjoy thoroughly. These tips are widely used by wedding management companies in India.

1). Venue: One of the most important thing that you must plan is finding the right venue where you can organise the wedding. It would be prudent to organise the entire wedding ceremony indoors. However, if you want to celebrate outdoors, then you should always have a backup plan for indoors in case there is a heavy downpour.

2).Keep a sharp eye on the weather: Modern weather forecasting has improved tremendously. It is important to keep track of the weather when you are planning to organise a wedding ceremony. In case the weatherman forecast a weather emergency on the day on which you wish to organise the wedding celebration, you should postpone it to another date. You do not want to mess one of the most important day in your life by making a rash decision of going ahead even when the adverse weather forecast is announced.

3).Dinner menu: Food plays an important role in any Indian wedding. And if you want to create a reputation in the market as one of the best destination wedding planners in Goa or any other city, then planning the right menu is be very important. Keep it in mind that during monsoon wedding you should not include raw and pre-cut foods. You can include tea, coffee, hot Jalebis, steaming Biriyani, and others.

4). Décor: Monsoon wedding is very challenging because you cannot use paper decoration, which will get wet or blown away, thereby ruining the overall look of the marriage ceremony. Additionally, since load shedding can be a big issue during the monsoon season, you should keep a backup generator to light up the marriage hall in case there is a power stoppage.

5). Wedding dress: You should choose your wedding dress carefully if your wedding date falls in the monsoon season. You should avoid those dresses that have heavy embroideries on it. You should choose a rich fabric in bright colours to look your best on this important day.

6). Theme: If the guestlist for your wedding day is small, then you can also throw a post-wedding pool party, wherein you, and your better half along with your family members and close friends can let their hair down and enjoy the day.

7). Hairstyling and makeup: On a rainy day, special care must be given to your hair and make-up so that you look fresh and beautiful on your marriage day. You should ask your hairstylist and make-up man to come early to apply the make-up. You do not want humidity to play spoilsport on this important day.




Keeping your Mehendi ceremony safe from COVID-19?

If you are planning to organise your wedding ceremonywithin the next few months but are unhappy because you could not have the Mehendi ceremony, then we have good news for you. If you have the moolah and have hired the best destination wedding planner in Kerala or any other exotic place, then you can ask the organiser to organise the Mehendi the ceremony following all the health-related guidelines issued by the government. When you hire an expert as the destination wedding planner in Udaipur, then you should rest assured that they have the expertise and knowledge to plan and execute a beautiful Mehendi ceremony even in this pandemic. For your knowledge, we have listed some of the important points you must keep in your mind while planning for your Mehendi ceremony. We have collated these points from a reputable destination wedding planner in Jaipur.

1).Keep the guest list short: It is customary that a large number of people are invited at any Indian marriage ceremony. However, according to the health guidelines issued by the government, you can invite-only 50 people that include members of your family. This rule is made to ensure that the norms of social distancing are maintained strictly. While sending the invitations, you must communicate this rule with your guests so that they do not bring along a guest with a friend to attend the ceremony.

2). Organise the ceremony in your home or closer to your home: You must organise the ceremony either in your home or somewhere which is close to your home. This will ensure that you have more control over the hygiene of the venue.

3).Must ensure strict adherence to social distancing and hygiene: When your guests arrive at the venue, you must ensure that all of them are wearing facemasks and have sanitised their hand. You can put some disposable facemasks and hand sanitisers in the room so that the guest who came without wearing the face mask can have one, and all of them sanitise their hands thoroughly. Furthermore, you must ensure that the social distancing norms are followed strictly and no exceptions are made.

4). The Mehendi the artist must wear a face mask and sanitise his/her hands: As the Mehendi artist will be in close contact with you and other guests, they must sanitise their hands and wear hand gloves and facemasks.


Great venues for organising wedding events !

As the lockdown slowly lifts, different sectors of the economy are limping back to a new normal. Some experts who cater to niche markets like a destination wedding planner in Udaipur and other places are also slowly adapting to the new rules and regulations in the world that is battling COVID-19. If you want to organise your wedding in an exotic location in India like Kerala, then we suggest that you should hire the best destination wedding planner in Kerala to have a beautiful wedding ceremony in the serene backwater of the gods own country. On the other hand, if you do not want to hire the services of any experts like the destination wedding planner in Jaipur, or any other place, then you can look at some of the amazing places where you can organise a great wedding ceremony in Delhi. These hotels follow strict safety guidelines to ensure that the chances of COVID-19 infection are minimized their premises.

All five-star hotels have that started their operations are following the new mantra of “safe is a new luxury”. Some of the safety protocols followed by the top photos in Delhi for a safe wedding include the following.

  • A con tactless check-in procedure is followed.
  • If you want to have a group check-in, then the hotel administration had identified specific spots for such a procedure. The guests are not allowed to check-in groups through the main lobby.
  • The workers are trained to maintain a high level of personal and work hygiene (using hand sanitisers repeatedly, wearing face masks and gloves) to ensure proper safety of the guests.
  • If you want to have live counters at the buffet, then the chefs and the service teams will wear PPE kits. Furthermore, wherever food is displayed, there is a sneeze guard to ensure that the food is not contaminated.
  • There is no sharing of common tongs or dip spoons at the buffet table.
  • The workers are pre-screened for temperature and COVID related symptoms.
  • Uniforms of all the associates are changed after the meal service is over.
  • Fumigating the restaurant premises repeatedly and real-time monitoring of staff, guests, sanitation of food and vegetables et cetera.
  • All key hand touch points are sanitised repeatedly.

These are just some of the measures that are undertaken by the top hotel chains around the country to ensure that big events like marriage ceremony can be organised safely by following the safety norms issued by the government.


Impress Your Guests with Great Event Management Tips

If you dream of organising a big glittering wedding event, then it is obvious that you will feel butterflies in your stomach. If you do not have any expertise in this field, then you can hire a destination-wedding planner. For the rich and famous hiring one of the best destination wedding planners in India will solve all the organisational problems.The luxury wedding planners in Delhi NCR have the contacts, infrastructure, domain knowledge, manpower and experience to organise a grandiose event even in another country without much trouble.Some of the points that you must follow to make the marriage ceremony a grand success are as follows.

1). Dress plays an important role in not only accentuating your looks but also giving you the confidence that you are looking the best. If you are not sure what dress to choose, then you can take the advice of professional make-up artist as well as dress designers to choose the best look for you.

2). When you hire the services of an event planner, then you do not have any worry regarding how to organise the event. This allows you to enjoy this important day in your life to the fullest, which will also reflect how you look and interact with your guest on this day.

3). You must interact with all the guests so that they feel welcome and have a positive memory of your wedding event.

4). On the wedding date, all the guests will also look at the chemistry between you and your partner. Therefore, you must show your happiness while interacting with the bride, your family members, and the guests.

5). The wedding can be very tiresome and you must always keep your cool even if there is any hitch. You must remember that there is a team of professionals (of the event management company) who would take care of any situation so that you can enjoy the event peacefully.


Organise Your Wedding at the Amazing Antalya

If you are planning for a big fat Indian wedding, then you should hire one of the best destination wedding planners in India to suggest some great locations either in India or abroad. While there are innumerable places where you can organise a great wedding ceremony, we suggest that you look at Antalya in Turkey. This amazing place that offers so much in terms of great infrastructure, amazing looks and fantastically hospitable people is very popular amongst the destination wedding planners in Delhi to organise a great wedding ceremony for their well-heeled clients. In this article, we will share with you some amazing reasons due to which Antalya will be the best place to organise a big fat Indian wedding that your guests and family members will remember for a long time.

1). Great hotels: This popular tourist destination in Turkey is dotted with many five-star hotels which offer a great place to house your guests as well as get marriage halls where you can organise your wedding ceremony. All top agencies that offer wedding planning services in India have good contacts with these hotels and can offer you bulk booking at your favourite hotel along with the transport service.

2). Easy to plan: Many companies in Turkey collaborate with Indian destination planners to organise a beautiful wedding with cool incentives to attract more tourist to their shores.

3). Good experience with Indian wedding companies: This is one of the most popular destinations for top Indian destination planners to organise big fat Indian weddings on foreign shores. As the locals associated with the hotel and tourism industry are fully in the loop about what are the important factors that go into organising such huge wedding ceremonies, you will not find any issue regarding their service.

4). Seaside venues: If you want to organise a beach themed wedding, then Antalya has several seaside beautiful resorts with amazing looking boats that will allow the destination wedding planner to organise a memorable beach ceremony for the wedding couple and their guests.

5). Amazing landscape: Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and millions of people visit this amazing city every year. This place offers amazing beaches, archaeological marvels, beautiful waterfalls, cruise rides and many more to attract people. It is a beautiful city which has an amazing blend of old-world charm with the latest modern amenities.

These are just some of the reasons why you should as the place where you can organise a beautiful wedding ceremony, which people will talk for a long time to come.


How to Plan a Budget Destination Wedding?

It is the dream of many to organise a destination wedding for themselves that they will remember their whole lives. For the well-heeled section of our society, it is no big deal, all they have to do is to hire the services of the best wedding planners in India, tell them the location and their wish will turn into reality. However, if you have a limited budget, but have a dream of organising a destination wedding, then you should follow some of the tips that the best Indian wedding planners have shared with us on how to organise a destination wedding at a low price.

Tips to follow for organising a destination wedding in a limited budget

1). How much can you pay for the destination wedding: The first thing that you must do when you are planning a budget destination wedding is to fix your budget. This will give you a clear understanding of where you must draw the line when you are planning a wedding ceremony in any exotic location. While organising a destination wedding, you must be clear in your mind whether you wish to accommodate the travel and accommodation cost of your close family members or ask them to bear their own cost.

2). Keep the guest list small: When you are planning a destination wedding in a limited budget, then having a shorter guest list is very important. The more people you invite, your budget will expand proportionately. You have to spend for their transportation cost, hotel room cost, on their food and so on. Therefore, only invite those who are extremely close to you so that your wedding ceremony is a tiny intimate affair.

3). Choose your destination wisely: When you are planning for a destination wedding, then the first thing that will come into your mind is where and when. These two important points can have a huge impact on your budget. If you plan your destination wedding in a very popular tourist location, then you have to pay through your nose for the transportation cost, hiring of the marriage hall, hotel rooms as well as the food that you will serve for the marriage party. On the other hand, if you organise your wedding at some offbeat location, then your overall cost will come down sharply. Similarly, the timing of your wedding ceremony is also very important. If it coincides with the tourist season, when there is a huge demand for hotel rooms and transport vehicles, then your overall budget will expand and will be financially untenable for you. Therefore, try to organise your wedding ceremony during off tourist season.

4). Hire local vendors: When you are organising a wedding ceremony at some exotic location, then you should hire the local vendors. In every small city, you will find wedding vendors in India who can offer you the best deals when you hire the services. On the other hand, if you hire the services of your local vendors and ask them to supply the materials you need in another city where you are organising your wedding ceremony, then it will inflate your bill enormously.

5). Choose the best way to pay: When you are planning your destination wedding, then try to look for those hotels or airlines that are offering some discount or cashback rewards. In this way, you can cut some of the expenses.

If having a destination wedding is a big dream of yours, then we suggest that you should start saving quite early for this big event so that you do not have to cut too many corners and have a great destination wedding without facing financial hardship.



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