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Expert tips for saving money on a destination wedding

It’s safe to say the most frequently asked question we get is "how much does a destination wedding cost?" Well, did you know the average cost of a destination wedding for our couples has remained under $10,000 for over five years (and counting?!*) The second most asked question is likely to deal with how to save money on a destination wedding. And we're here to let you in on the best ways to save and stay within your budget when planning a romantic getaway.

  • Plan Ahead

    Saving money on a destination wedding can be tricky, but the easiest and most obvious tip we can give is to plan ahead. Pre-booking anything you can in advance is typically smart when planning to get married away, especially if your guest list is somewhat large. From group excursions to upgraded accommodations, the longer in advance you confirm the details, the better the chances are to snag a great deal!

  • Choose an Off-Day

    Mid-week celebrations are on the rise (and here to stay!) Many couples are finding is cost-effective to say "I do" on an off-peak day rather than a weekend. Because let's face it...every day in paradise is a good day to tie the knot!

  • Go with an All-inclusive

    All-inclusive resorts may seem extravagant in the budget department, but they're actually a great way to save money. With all meals, drinks, entertainment and more included, there's never a reason to break out your wallet! Plus, you have the advantage of knowing there won't be lots of extra fees when you get there!

  • Nix the Extras

    When having a destination wedding, we recommend skipping the unnecessary décor items, and letting your locale speak for itself. By highlighting the beauty around you as your wedding album backdrop, you also cut out any extra shipping fees or baggage transportation issues.

  • Choose Local

    Your destination has so much more to offer than just picture-perfect scenery and top-notch cocktails. Rather than importing expensive flowers or special ingredients for your reception dinner, opt for a local variety of fresh blooms and an organic or unique fusion take for your menu. Either way, your guests (and Instagram followers) will be impressed!

  • Look for Deals

    This one may seem obvious, but it could also help you save the most of all! Be sure to keep an eye out for exclusive deals (like these!) you won't find anywhere else in the world outside of Trust us; saving hundreds (or thousands) on your once-in-a-lifetime celebration will be priceless!

*Includes accommodations, airfare and wedding package. Does not include wedding extras. This data solely represents the Destination Weddings Travel Group customer base.

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