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Destination Wedding in Bali

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Destination Wedding in Bali

Celebrate your wedding or party with Balinese flair

What comes in mind when you ponder about a place which is home to countless beaches, cliff tops, viewpoints, jungles, villas and gardens and appears more dreamy, idyllic and unique? Well Bali takes away the charm to cherish one's deepest desires and what's more intriguing than Bali; is that the only location where romance and history go hand in hand making it a highly sought- after location for exchanging vows.

If an exuberant jungle with scenery, waterfalls, and jaw-dropping beaches in the most vivid island cultures isn’t sufficient to fuel up desires for the wedding in Bali then there are 2 reasons to fill your mind with an unforgettable dream.

You can luxuriate or preserve And so can your guests

Bali is a location that carries everything for everyone. From experiencing an everlasting joy in the five- resorts to thousands of smaller yet coupled with splendid accommodations and economical Airbnbs. What's even more thought-provoking and best is that your friends and family can splurge to feel the essence of Bali or they can come to a group to share a marvellous villa. It all requires a minimal amount ranging from $50-$75 a night in an alluring hotel or a villa room. Besides that, fortunately, food and transportation would not bother your pockets in Bali than what you spend on plane tickets.

An incredible source for a delightful wedding

Planning has always been a cumbersome task especially when it comes to organizing a marriage abroad where you're innocuous but Bali's magic never fails to add on a distinctive element too with ease. That's because the country's tourism had received a rapid escalation increasing resources, vendors and businesses, and all surroundings marriages in Bali. An agency named Your Bali Wedding is successful in fabricating wedding dreams into reality for over 13 years. They provide the best locations for exchanging vows and takes care of all your needs in the best way.

Many brides who carry a seed of a dream to marry in Bali think that it is a troublesome task and demands a lot of research hence their dreams are stabbed. But actually, it isn't by delving down deeper to answer the frequent doubts.

When to marry in Bali?

Your wedding day will surely create a massive impact. Reason being that most of the weddings are outdoor events lest you get wedded in a chapel followed by a dinner reception in the ballroom.

Normally the best time to exchange vows in Bali is usually between April and October it's because the weather has a different blend than the monsoon season additionally the prices for hotels, air tickets and wedding locations generally touch the peak hence it can even burn your pockets.

Where and the Venue?

A very first question that glows up in mind and indeed it is a very crucial one. Options and avenues are abundant in Bali but they are classified into 4 groups.

  • 1. Villa Weddings
  • 2. Hotel Weddings
  • 3. Chapel Weddings
  • 4. Beach Weddings

One evident mistake that many brides and couples commit that is they assume that one wedding is cheaper than another. In reality, a beach wedding may not be the cheapest at the same time a Villa wedding may not burn your pockets.

Villa Weddings

Villa weddings add a different zaika to your marriage. A Villa wedding grants the freedom to have numerous options, they're naturally conducive as the bride and groom are not needed to travel on their wedding date plus villa weddings provide you the privacy. Most Bali weddings usually have catered for the evening.

Hotel Weddings

Hotel and Resorts weddings are a perfect definition for a wedding to give the heart to beat and weddings in hotels and resorts pave easiness and conduciveness. You need to worry about choosing vendors and options since you have precisely only a handful of options to choose from. Besides that, you may have to compromise with whatever the hotel offers which ultimately makes your wedding give a frowning look. Moreover do not get fooled by the persons from the hotels who present themselves as the wedding planners or specialists.

Chapel Weddings

Bali gave birth to its first-ever wedding chapel 16years ago and since then almost 20 wedding chapels had been erected to feed the demand for this genre of the wedding. Chapels have an extremely magnificent architecture which indeed gives a serene feeling for couples to exchange vows. What's more riveting about Chapel weddings is that they pave away in terms of selection of vendors and options for the marriage. In Fact in case if it rains the wedding is liberated from problems plus they demand you a high level of privacy.

Beach Weddings

Brides often stitch a dream of a wedding in Bali on a heavenly spot on the beach but Bali indeed is home to numerous breathtaking beaches since the hotels can't claim an inch of the beach as private so therefore brides often end up at different locations other than a beach. What's more important to know is that weddings in beach areas aren't granted much privacy. For those thinking for a small wedding with a handful of guests then Beach weddings take away the spotlight.

Wedding planners? Yes or No

For most of the couples and brides, they believe that getting help from a wedding planner would double their expenses but as it is said that a piece of expert advice can fetch good results. For Chapel Weddings, it's more advisable to go through an independent wedding company since almost every Chapel provides all-inclusive wedding packages plus they will charge you an extra fee for your vendors.

On the other hand, Independent wedding organizers are gifted with special deals which grants you to bring vendors of your flavour thus you may not pay more the price becomes more economical when a wedding planner books.

Crucial Advice

Brides are often misguided by Lush and branded hotels and their packages. They infer that since they managed to buy wedding packages from a top-notch hotel then the elements of the packages would possess the same intensity of high quality just like the hotel's services. Mostly it's not the case it's advisable to be cautious while paying for the wedding packages since most of the five-star hotel services they opt from outside are mediocre.

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