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Destination Wedding in Kerala

God’s own country is getting into the domain of destination weddings for its diverse natural vegetation. Across the world, people are awestruck by the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. From alluring beaches to magnificent hill station, Kerala has everything that should exist in a couple’s dream wedding.

With delectable food, admiring scenery, exciting adventures, and cultural rituals, you and your guests will be having a memorable time in your wedding ceremony. When it comes to entertainment - Traditional Folk dancers could amaze you with their performance.

Varieties of Weddings

For Kerala, locations are the assets that will emphasize the ceremony with its elegance. The wedding can be planned in a private luxurious resort. To make it more exclusive, other options are worth your risk. Houseboat wedding brings you far away from the hustle and bustle and presents you a cool, lavishing wedding amidst the water or in a lake-side. Backwater weddings will give you the exact feel of paradise with its serene seashore surrounded by beautiful thickets.

Beach wedding in warm weather with swaying palm grove, white sand, and appeasing ocean allow you to live a gorgeous and unique moment. Hill wedding gets you up above the ground surrounded by the flora and marvelous skyline. Traditional wedding at the temple with fascinating cultural rituals, aromatic garlands, and elephants to give its auspicious blessing will be the best aura for the couple to get together.


Kerala’s significant features in the wedding genre will be the theme of the wedding based on the venue. The state comprises various tourist spots like boardwalk beaches, Backwater resorts, hill stations, and wildlife sanctuaries which can be great entertainment for the guests.

  • Kochi, Queen of Arabian Sea, is a major port city adjoining the Laccadive Sea. Lots of historical palaces and forts, beaches, and historical places are situated and the culture has persisted here for a long time. It has an international airport.
  • Kumarakom is famous for its serene backwater, House boating, and plush resorts. The village is intertwined with canals, and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary has some rare species that can be spellbinding for the guests.
  • Kovalam has rocky foreland prioritizing the splendid bay with Calm Ocean and coconut palm dancing on the light wind. The legendary beaches like lighthouse beach, palm-backed beach are situated. Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium in the venue will be an astonishing location to visit.


The delicious food of Kerala is influenced by traditional, historical, and cultural basis. Coconut, fish, and rice are substantial ingredients in the cuisine. The ideal taste of the food is achieved by using various spices - turmeric, coriander powder, tamarind, black pepper, chilly, cardamom, and clove.

Puttu and kadala curry top the list for its delicious coconut flavor and healthy elements baked in a mold in cylinder shape which is the best way to start the morning for a delightful day ahead.

Ela sadya is a predominant meal — a variety of pure traditional vegetarian items served on a banana leaf — which makes you mouth-watering. Idiyappam, a designated dish of Kerala, is known for its versatile texture that can take you to the heaven itself when ate with egg curry.


There are many posh resorts and hotels with polished rooms, villas, and cottages which offer your wedding a ravishing outlook. Upscale resorts in Kerala will design your wedding in an elegant and ritzy way.

Lagoon facing suites with private pool and boathouse resorts are common in the state. Even, special yoga centers and ayurvedic spa are present which soothes your mind and body which eventually gives you relaxation from the stress. Kerala's Exotic local cuisine is served with great subtlety and incredible seasoning.

The state is known for its greenery and spices welcome you with its hospitality and eco-friendly society. Your wedding will be more exquisite with the god’s own country’s delicate touch and memorable with your family and friends beside you.

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