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Malta Destination Wedding

Every couple fantasizes about having a wedding that people will remember for years to come. Do we say what's better than an exotic, fun-filled destination wedding? Let us have the privilege of handling all the hassles of your wedding. Being one of the best wedding planner in India, we hear exactly what you need. We cater to all types of requirements, to suit your needs and your capacity while fulfilling your dream wedding.

Be it an ethnic Indian wedding, rich in tradition or an exotic destination wedding, filled with exuberance and teeming with flair, our team is the best choice for you.

At Shubh Muharat Luxury Weddings we know exactly what a modern couple needs. An idyllic, relaxed wedding with no baggage but of happiness and fun is the Ideal Wedding. Pesky preparations are not to be the worry of the excited couple nor their families. All you have to do is soak in the celebrations, enjoy the ceremonies and live the joyous moment.

Malta a Picturesque Destination:

For those young couples all set to forge their love for eternity, we at Shubh Muharat offer a wide variety of wedding venues spread across the world. One such location on our itinerary is the South European country of Malta.Adream destination for those looking forward to having a wedding worth bragging about. The solitary island in the Mediterranean Sea has more than just scenic views. The hospitality, the rich tradition, and the quirky wedding customs of the Maltese prove endearing on all attendees. The vast flower orchards, or the natural limestone arches in the backdrop, your nuptials will surely be one to cherish for a lifetime.

The picturesque town of Sanglea

With venues as beautiful as Sanglea’s ports on offer Malta is perhaps the best wedding venue. Malta is a gemas far as an island goes, with its sister island of Gozo equally as splendorous. As far as wedding destinations go, Malta proves to be the best. Back in 2014, the Government of Malta approved the legislation for Civil Unions, meaning that same-sex marriages can be legally held on the island.

The plurality of Maltese

In addition to the stunning weather throughout the year, the island is brimming with culture, history, and perfect wedding locations offering memories to last a lifetime. The Maltese are multi-cultural owing to their history with colonization and Arab influences on lifestyle. The Roman Catholic Church’s influences are predominant in their lifestyle.

Baroque gardens, Villa Bologna

The gardens once witness to an endless surge of trade between European and Asian traders now stand behest to bear testimony to your vows of love. The multi-cultural background of Malta lets you keep your inhibitions aside and go all in for a new experience in customs and cuisine, traditions, and tranquil.


The island of Malta is connected by colonial shipping routes as well as an International Airport in the Maltese town of Gudja, just southwest of Valletta, the Maltese capital.

Why choose Malta over other countries?

  • Malta is only 3.5 hours away from most of Europe.
  • All legal paperwork, church, civil ceremonies are in English
  • Diverse culture, spectacular beaches, teeming nightlife and rich history with something for the whole family
  • A modern country with a rich past.
  • Great standards of customer care being a tourist-centric country.
  • One of the friendliest societies with a warm heart and relaxed attitude, unlike other European counterparts.

Nature Centric Venues

For those looking to have eco-centric nuptials, Malta proves to be the best option by a large margin. Be it the orchards dating to colonial eras or the olive groves set in the scenic hills all venues spread across Malta give a sense of co-existence and harmony with nature. A testament to their commitment to nature is the incredibly beautiful limestone arches on the coast of the Gozo island, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, which seem untouched despite the flourishing bustle just an few minutes away.

A Maltese saying goes,
"Gawdigħax mid-dinjam’għandnaxejn"
Enjoy it because we have nothing from this world

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