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Destination Wedding in Rome!

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Destination Wedding in Rome! - Supritha Nallam

The City of Rome

All roads lead to Rome they say! And the road to a perfect destination wedding will of course take you there. If you’re an admirer of the antique, architecture and artistry, there is no place you can get married at, other than the resplendent city of ROME. Known for its eternality and seeking beauty in ruins and permanence in transience, this city blesses the couple with a love that would remain strong and resilient despite the hedgerows that may pop up.

This city of vast museums, clear skies, alluring lakes, and magnificent galleries, and tons of love cannot be more quintessential for a wedding that has to remain undeterred in the memories of the couple. Here are a few exceptions in Rome, where our team will help you to celebrate the ceremony of commemoration of souls.

La Posta Vecchia:

Sitting 24 miles apart from the city of Rome, along the west coast of Italy, this property is “The Place” for anyone who wants to start your big day with a sweet cup of tea from the hands of the fine chefs of Cesar’s kitchen opening the balcony door to see Mr. Sun greeting you through the reflections of the waters, amidst a romantic setup and an elegant estate a to vow a forever together. Of course, how can anyone forget to mention the amazing spa facilities, to leave all the guests refreshed and rejuvenated?

  • Felliniesque style suits
  • Entire villa reservation available for wedding
  • Beach Club and Pool
  • Beauty Centre
  • Fitness and Sport
  • Seaside Relaxation.

Palazzo Manfredi:

This masterpiece is from the hands of the imperial descent of Rome stands as an outstanding venue to tie the knot to togetherness. Well reputed for its royal and luxurious services, lavish celebratory, and world-class dining experience, this world-class hotel forever remains alive in the memories of the guests. The unique selling proposition for this place stands to be their packages for a whimsical visit to the Colosseum.

  • Massages and Spa
  • Transfers from the airport
  • Luxury Car Rentals
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Grand View Suits

Castello di TorCrecenza:

For the couple wanting to have a fairytale wedding, with a close circle of friends and family, this palace owned by the noblemen of Rome adorned with Ivy, lush green gardens and lots of love happens to be the ideal match. Their grandeur interiors and vintage fountains are the most splendid sites of this place.

  • Outdoor Pool
  • Free Internet Access
  • Banquet Hall
  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Luggage Storage and Transfers

Hotel de Russie:

This place has one of the most beautiful ambiances in the ancient city. Mini waterfalls and Pincio gardens are highlights of this architectural beauty. The Pincio garden will no doubt leave the couple with beautiful Instagram worthy couple pictures. This hotel is also famous for its Stravinskij Bar, having the best tapsters. Your Cocktail party is surely hit here!

  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Wellness
  • Gift Certificates
  • Bespoke Wedding Packages
  • Premiere Suite options

Villa Aurelia:

This 17th-century structure recently renovated serves as an exemplary port of call for the enthusiasts of history and antiquity. Exclusiveness and Customization are the key factors of the place. The villa is rented out for only one event at a time not to compromise on the exclusiveness of the event and the couple is open to choose their catering, florists, musicians, and other services according to their taste. “Your Wedding, Your Way”, seems to be the mantra for this place’s successful wedding contracts. After all, whoever said,” When in Rome, do as Romans do”, has never driven a car there.

  • Various scenarios available for wedding ceremonies
  • Professional Catering Service available
  • Music allowed till 1 am
  • Galleria
  • Music Room
  • Dining Room
  • Accommodates 200 guests for events
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