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Destination Wedding at Turkey

With an increase in young Indian Millennial couples, we can see a lot of transitions that are - going on in the Indian marriage culture. Young couples now want to have a beautiful & unconventional destination weddings, for which they want new and mesmerizing locations with ease of accommodation and great hospitality, one such destination which has seen an upsurge in Indian destination weddings in Turkey.

Historic Place

Turkey is a transcontinental country that offers a great fusion of western and eastern cultures. Turkey has an amazing blend of beautiful Historical & contemporary places, which makes it a breathtaking location for destination weddings. It is a place blessed with beautiful aura, bliss, and romance, like no other place!

All-in-One Package

Turkey is an All in One Package that offers beautiful beaches; fascinate scenic views, happening resorts, and delicious mouthwatering food. All these elements make Turkey one of the most romantic locations in the Mediterranean region for destination weddings.

Pleasurable Climate

The climate in Istanbul and European Turkey can be described as the transitional Mediterranean, with relatively cold winters and hot and quite extreme summers, which makes spring and autumn the best time of the year for weddings especially outdoor weddings.


There are the two best cities in turkey when it comes to a destination wedding, These two cities are the hub of destination weddings because of their Uber hospitality, enthralling views, culturally rich bazaars, and extravagant international hotels.

These two cities have beautiful picturesque views that make them perfect for Pre and post-wedding shoots; one can have the time of their lives there and capture those beautiful moments forever. They are:-


The phenomenal and hypnotizing Turkish city of Istanbul is just the place for you if you want a one-of-its-kind romantic destination wedding. Being a go-to place for destination weddings, Istanbul has several luxurious five-star international hotels and resorts, which specialize in destination weddings.

Easy Accessibility

Istanbul is convenient when it comes to accessibility. Being at the center of the world it is easily accessible from Europe, America, and south-east Asia. Many flights are operating from every part of the world to Istanbul. From India, it hardly takes 6 to 8 hours for a non-stop flight to Istanbul.


This place has a unique blend of western and eastern cultures; it has beautiful historical Islamic architecture along with a beautiful church. Istanbul is not just only eye-catching but also gives you an extravagant feeling of the Ottoman Empire, yet, it also provides you with fine luxury.

Glamour and Luxury

Istanbul offers you a wide range of Glamorous and exciting wedding venues overlooking the breathtaking Bosporus. It also has one of the biggest luxury brand hotels. In addition to luxurious venues, it also gives you an option of beautiful historical venues along the Bosporus for weddings.

Delicious Food

We all know about the rich mouthwatering Turkish food and desserts; they are just as heavenly as the country itself! Istanbul has a diverse and attractive cuisine which appeals to all the people in Europe, Middle Eastern, America, or India.


The city of Istanbul is beautiful throughout the year, but during spring and autumn, it is said to be the best time for a wedding to take place. With moderate temperature and zero humidity, it makes Istanbul an ideal location for outdoor weddings. Also, the magnificent view of the Bosporus adds an amazing charm to the entire event making it even more magical.


Antalya is one of the most renowned cities of Turkey also known as the turquoise coast for its blue waters. Antalya is also the tourism capital of Turkey and provides you with an amazing variety of excellent hotels and resorts. The land of Antalya Where 11 civilizations have lived before is admired by everyone who visits it.

The venue is the last thing you have to worry about when you have decided to have a destination wedding in Antalya. This city has some of the most gigantic and fascinating properties and resorts, which are perfect for hosting an over the top destination wedding.

Antalya being the pearl of Turkey excellently hosts married couples.

Beautiful Venue

Antalya has some of the best picturesque views and beautiful beaches for a grand entry of the bride/groom. This beautiful city offers you surreal scenic beauty making it a perfect location for having pre and post-wedding shoots. It is also an amazing honeymoon destination which you can go for after having all the wedding shenanigans.

Ideal Climate

Unlike India, Antalya has a mild and pleasant winter season starting from mid- October till March having a temperature between 15-20 degree Celsius, You get that right balance of sunlight and breeze, which makes it the best time to have a destination wedding there.


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