By Supritha Nallam

India is a country of diversity, homing in it a sundry of people, cultures, traditions, languages, religions and customs. And a Wedlock as a concept, no doubt stands at a high pedestal across all of them. A wedding is indeed a kind of emotion on which novels are inspired, movies are made and the celebration of love is treasured.

A father transferring his most priced possession to a man he believed in, more than anything in the universe. The daughter taking a new step leaving behind her superhero to reach her price charming hoping to always remain daddy’s little princess. Bidding farewell to a part of her flesh, yet assuring to send her heart along, tears of a mother brushing away in pride looking at her little baby outgrown into a beautiful bride. Giggles and Secrets, but secretly missing her sister’s wardrobe, pulling her hair to pulling her legs, for the little brother feeling the void of the person to throw sarcasm at. Bridesmaid for a day, but a best friend for a lifetime.   Two souls sticking together loving unconditionally, indistinctively, like an effortless breath, felt through a handheld, a promise made and a smile that never distinguished. Surely, the emotions of the wedding cannot be described in any short of this. Is this not what love, sacrifice, hope, trust and conviction looks like, then the universe isn’t sure about describing it well.

Once in a while, when encompassed in the mundanity of life, Love gives everyone a fairy tale to fancy about, it being nothing but marriage. The highest form of commitment- a covenant to look together for the beam of light among the darkest clouds, a promise to bind together like the colours of the rainbow, a conviction to give best of oneself and ask no more than what the other can give, to fall in love in a new way every single day, and resolving to deliver more than all the promises made. One wouldn’t sure believe a simple word “W-E-D-D-I-N-G”, carries in it a truckload of fervour as deep as the ocean, as endless as the sky, as bright as the sun and as far as the stars, but first, you sure have to sip it to taste it, similarly, you must marry to get it.