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What safety precautions to take for intimate home weddings?

The galloping rate of COVID-19 has forced many people who had earlier wanted to hire the services of the top exotic destination wedding planners in India to reshuffle their plan. Since there is a greater restriction on the assembly of more than 50 people in any social gathering, it would be foolish to hire the services of the best destination wedding planner in Jaipur at an exorbitant price which only a handful of your guests can attend. In such a scenario,it is wise to plan the wedding ceremony in your city while taking all the necessary safety precautions. To help you in this regard, we have asked a destination wedding planner in Udaipur about the safety measures that are needed for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Try to incorporate safety measures a creative way

When you are planning an intimate wedding, you could never let your guard down when it concerns safety measures. You can distribute hand sanitiser as well as a disposable facemask when your guest arrives at the wedding venue.

Make wearing mask mandatory for the guests to make

It does not matter how close the guests are to you personally, you have to insist that when they are enjoying their time with others at the wedding ceremony they must wear a mask and gloves all the time. Similarly, you have to make sure that the waiters wear the complete safety suit.

You should plan for plated foods

In your marriage ceremony, you should give the buffet party a miss and instead organise for plated food that is served on disposable plates. This will ensure that the chances of infection spreading is minimised.

Opt for social distancing seating arrangements

In an Indian wedding where everybody group together for chitchat is not possible during the health emergency. You have to arrange the seats of the guests in such a way that the norms of social distancing are respected.

Go for the traditional way of creating

Instead of shaking hands with your arriving guests when you welcome them, you should either welcome them with a folded hand (Namaste) or salaam.

Keep the wedding ceremony short and small

Invite only your closest relatives and try to keep the marriage ceremony short but memorable.



How to cope with wedding day stress?

Wedding day stress is a real issue that can affect your peace of mind if you do not deal with itpositively. If you have hired the services of the best destination wedding planner in Kerala or anyplace else, then you don’t have to worry much. The wedding management company would deal with all the issues relating to logistics and other problems associated with organising a huge event like a wedding ceremony. Even if you live in any part of India or abroad and want to have organised your wedding in a fairytale place like Rajasthan, then you should simply hire the services of a reputable destination wedding planner in Udaipur, and he/she will take care of everything. On the other hand, if you are doing it on your own, then you have to take care of many aspects related to the wedding ceremony that needed to be fit together to make the event a spectacular success. To help you in this task we have spoken with a very reputable destination wedding planner in Jaipur and he has shared some tips that would make organising a wedding event a smooth affair.

1). Get help: Organising a wedding ceremony is a huge event and you must ask for help from your friends and family members. You must delegate some responsibilities to people you trust would do the job. You can ask your sister, aunt, or friends, to help you with the shopping. You can also ask your uncle to act as a bartender on your wedding date. All these looks quite small, but they all add up to reduce your responsibility and thereby decreasing your stress.

2). Take a hiatus from the social media: Social media that includes Facebook, Instagram or YouTube offers numerous dos and don’ts to the wedding couple. If you take every one of these points seriously and start implementing it in your life, then the stress level associated with the approaching wedding date will increase proportionately. Therefore, stay away from social media for some time to bring back your sanity.

3). Bring back the fun in the planning process: Instead of being completely immersed in planning for the wedding date, you should also focus on enjoying the process with your family members, friends. Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you must enjoy it to the fullest.


Keeping Your Mehendi Ceremony Safe From COVID-19?

If you are planning to organise your wedding ceremonywithin the next few months but are unhappy because you could not have the Mehendi ceremony, then we have good news for you. If you have the moolah and have hired the best destination wedding planner in Kerala or any other exotic place, then you can ask the organiser to organise the Mehendi the ceremony following all the health-related guidelines issued by the government. When you hire an expert as the destination wedding planner in Udaipur, then you should rest assured that they have the expertise and knowledge to plan and execute a beautiful Mehendi ceremony even in this pandemic. For your knowledge, we have listed some of the important points you must keep in your mind while planning for your Mehendi ceremony. We have collated these points from a reputable destination wedding planner in Jaipur.

1).Keep the guest list short: It is customary that a large number of people are invited at any Indian marriage ceremony. However, according to the health guidelines issued by the government, you can invite-only 50 people that include members of your family. This rule is made to ensure that the norms of social distancing are maintained strictly. While sending the invitations, you must communicate this rule with your guests so that they do not bring along a guest with a friend to attend the ceremony.

2). Organise the ceremony in your home or closer to your home: You must organise the ceremony either in your home or somewhere which is close to your home. This will ensure that you have more control over the hygiene of the venue.

3).Must ensure strict adherence to social distancing and hygiene: When your guests arrive at the venue, you must ensure that all of them are wearing facemasks and have sanitised their hand. You can put some disposable facemasks and hand sanitisers in the room so that the guest who came without wearing the face mask can have one, and all of them sanitise their hands thoroughly. Furthermore, you must ensure that the social distancing norms are followed strictly and no exceptions are made.

4). The Mehendi the artist must wear a face mask and sanitise his/her hands: As the Mehendi artist will be in close contact with you and other guests, they must sanitise their hands and wear hand gloves and facemasks.



What Questions You Should Ask The Makeup Artist!

We are still facing an emergency due to the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, the chances of organising a big fat Indian wedding in these trying times is practically zero. You can still organise a beautiful yet intimate wedding by hiring the services of the best destination wedding planner in Kerala or any other place. However, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind when you are planning to organise a wedding ceremony. If you want to hire the services of a destination wedding planner in Udaipur who has a huge reputation in the market, then you don’t have to worry too much about the safety aspects as the wedding management company will take care of it. However, if you want to do it on your own then you should follow some of the steps that we have collated from one of the best destination wedding planners in Jaipur. In this article, we have mainly dealt with a service, wherein the expert has to come in close contact with you, i.e. the make-up artist. You must ask the make-up man/woman some important questions before hiring their services.

  • The first question that you should ask the make-up artist when you contact them is whether they are open to taking booking for doing make-up for a small wedding ceremony. The answer to this question will ensure whether you have to ask other important questions before you hire their services.
  • You must ask them how much time before the actual wedding date you have to make the appointment so that you are assured of their services and are not left high and dry.
  • Do the make-up artist and his/her team travel to the location where the marriage ceremony will take place. Some make-up artists have studio wherein the bride has to go. On the other hand, many make-up artists come to the place of choice of their clients to apply the make-up there. Therefore, you should be clear whether the expert would come to your place for the make-up.
  • What safety protocols they follow to ensure that the chance of COVID infection can be minimised.
  • How much they charge for their service.
  • What is their cancellation policy?

These are some of the important questions that you must ask the makeup artists when you meet them to discuss their terms and conditions. After you are satisfied with their answers, you can hire their services and enjoy a great Mehendi ceremony with your family and friends.



Jukebox – The Perfect Bollywood Songs List For Your Wedding


By Nivedhitha Ravi

Indeed, Weddings get the spirit when naach gaana enters the fields. A wedding will be no more complete without the painful legs due to power-packed dance. Here are some of the nuptial anthem, as per the ceremonies, that addict every single one of the guests to jump into the dance floor.


The day when you get officially locked up from your bachelor’s life is when you change the ring to your paramour. You will be telling the entire world that you are getting married. This day should be the occasion in which you expressed your love to your beau with your entire family standing as a witness. The music should be a way of committing yourself to someone you love the most.

Check out the list of songs that will be apt for your engagement.


The happily-ever-after song gives you the excitement you need when you are unable to show how satisfied you are.


Strictly for the princess-soon-to-be-queen: The song that gradually lures groom to the heavenly heart of the bride.


The romantic song shows the love of the groom to the bride who wants his lady to be with him always.


This definition of evergreen gives you wonders of love on how the couple is destined to be together.


Ever felt a soul? This song takes you right into the soul of your loved ones.



The night will be the beginning of your forthcoming wedding ceremony. All the ladies getting their hands even more adorned with mehndi, aunties dancing around the bride talking about how she had grown faster from kid to lady, and the begetters of the bride controlling their tears with a smile as their princess are going to leave them – mehndi night is all about fun, going crazy rogue and getting little emotional.

Get your mind crazy and pour your feelings out with the below song recommendations.


The heart-melting beats express the pain of the bride and her parents when the bride is going to live with her king.


There is no wedding without this song being played in their mehndi functions. Totally enjoyable song.


This song grabs your attention with its desi Punjabi style and focuses on how girlfriend and boyfriend change into desi wedding couples.


All the ladies make fun of the bride and groom subtly using this very song composed by the legendary A R Rahman.


The magical composition of A R Rahman gives a colourful feeling that throws away the pressure of upcoming wedding ceremony.



This ceremony is all about celebrating the bride and groom and stating the painful fact of married life in a fun way which makes them more anticipated to get wedded. Dancing without any others’ consent which gives the result we need to fuel the spirit – DESI. We will be in a state of amazement by seeing the dance of the non-dancing person in our group. So, the songs should be with beats that get our 90-year old grandfather to dance and we know the exact playlist for it.


This reprised version of the 90s peppy song will get your legs moving, urging you to dance for the beat.


Planning to make your whole family dance? Get ready to see your family dancing with their crazy steps listening to this song.


The all-time favourite still rules the DJ for its exotic peppy rhythms.


What a look. What a grace. – This song is the key to impress your bride.


Be it a one-side lover, boyfriend, groom, or husband, this song suits for everyone – a celebration of love.



Music is an important part that converts this formal dinner into a fun carnival. With delicious dinner, luxuriating drinks, and awe-struck décor, the cocktail party will be a spirit-lifting moment for the bride and groom. But the craziest dance moves will lift the guests to another level of fun at any party. Even though the guests are ready to dance, the crucial point of fun is the choice of song. Presenting you the most wanted songs made especially for the cocktail parties.


A perfect way of welcoming everyone with a swag.


Make an appealing move while wearing a high heel – the funny way of expressing the life of a married couple.


All boys, get ready to show your dance style to your crush with this rocking song in the background.


The successful venture of the “Mozart of Madras” will urge the bride and groom to fall in love again.


Have a desi heart that doesn’t listen. It’s alright. Hop on to this song.



This will be a wrap-up of the entire wedding ceremony. The songs’ aura should be changing from time to time to please the guests. The playlist should start from excitement – welcoming the newly married couple – and go on with love and adherence.

The songs should be played throughout the night. Listening to the

songs which are in the same genre for a long time will make the guests feel bored. No worries. These massive hits will coincide with the mood of the occasion that results in a serene night that ends the ceremony.


The remake of the nostalgic 90s song gets you to hop your hip accordingly.


A song dedicated to the splendid evening that lights the moon with the décor.


The disease of love which is fairly malignant – feel your love throughout your body with this song.


The devotional song with soothing beats that feels fresh.


The exotic way of expressing the feel around the house of heart – Raabta.

Here is your jukebox with famous songs that could explode your wedding with fun, craze, and excitement. This blog is to make the obligations of your wedding easier and smoother. The songs may vary with different people’s preferences. But this list has the most famous songs in the decade without which weddings won’t happen. We hope this blog is helpful to you.


4 Unusual Reasons to why you should Marry

By Masroor Ahmad

Suppose you are in the middle of choosing your perfect wedding dress, and all of a sudden, a thought strikes in your mind – Why am I even getting married?  You begin answering yourself with mundane reasons like we are perfect for each other or our family gets along. And these are some very logical answers. But should you only think logically?

That is why I have come up with an unusual checklist which will clarify all your doubts about getting married. Not only this, but you will start appreciating your partner’s love even more.

1. You’re better friends than lovers

Why do you think that Monica and Chandler from Friends end up getting married?

Most of us fall in love, and then we realize that we can also become good friends, but these two characters did it opposite. The biggest challenge couples face is that they have to accept all the flaws of one another, and they still find them attractive. That’s what Monica and Chandler did. That’s how it is supposed to be.  The secret to any long-lasting relationship is that they are best friends and idle Romanic lovers.  A good friendship is accepting one another without any boundaries and conditions. Because they will annoy you some time or might piss you off. But at the end of the fight, you still want them to be there for you, no matter what!

2. Fighting reveals your Passion

Did you know that 44% of married couples believe that fighting more than once a week helps them make their relationship healthy and productive? And this not by chance! Many couples love intense argument because it increases their hormone levels. However, in their mind, they know that their fight is only a sign of disarrangement, which will result in even more passionate patch-up. The goal should be to finish the argument positively.

How do you achieve that? For instance, if there was a massive fight between you two, and instead of searching the root of the issue, you start attacking them by getting all mean. The focus should be on the cause of the problem and not punishing the other person for who they were at that moment.

3. Marriage is not supposed to be ideal

Marriage is not about finding the ideal person but rather maintaining that perfect marriage. We tend to build a fictional story about how marriage is supposed to be. We pick these ideas from movies, failed relationships, family ties, and childhood trauma. And we get confused between sexual attraction and compatibility. Marriage is more about self-realization than a big luxury party. The charm of the marriage should not make you happy as dopamine hit makes you, instead it should make you aware of yourself. When you find that perfect another half, make sure you are ready to see the ugly side also. Accept love and hate. It would help you to fight with the difficult times.

Marriage is accepting Life, it is not supposed to be ideal.

4. Marriage is freedom

Khalil Gibran explains perfectly is his poetry that marriage should not seek any restrictions; perhaps it’s about love and freedom:

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one. Give one another of your bread but eat from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone. Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And start together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple and apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not each other’s shadow.”

So if the checklist makes sense to you, consider visiting Subh Mahurat Luxury Wedding ::. for everything marriage related!


A Perfect Green Wedding

By Ayshwarya Hephzibah C

Save the date, Save the Planet!

Your Wedding day is meant to be the most auspicious day in your life, but it can be a million times worth boasting about if happened in a wasteless eco-friendly style. As an inhabitant of this magnificent Earth, we know how hard it is to live a life without impairing our environment. And all of us are aware of the typical Big Fat Indian Wedding, which is a giant waste of money as well as food, besides holding a firm role in polluting our Terra. So, the idea behind the green wedding is to create a zero or reduced waste to diminish the environmental impact of every occasion on this Earth.

And our team believes that it is not a big deal to make your sustainable wedding as great as possible.  Since sustainability goes hand to hand with preserving nature, your green wedding can make a difference without sacrificing your budget and vision. Think of your big day celebrated in an eco-friendly way, that sets an epitome to all the young ‘about to become couples’ out there! Yes, you can have a guilt-free celebration with your loved one surrounded by your perfected guest list.

To help you design your eco wedding, we have rounded up some creative ideas. Try these small changes to conserve the environment at least on your special day.

Choose eco-friendly wedding invitations

E-vites are a way better than invitation cards, for they are almost free of cost and hopefully, is cent percent sure to reach everyone within the reach of the world within a flash of a second. But, if your desi parents insist on inviting your guests with a typical card, no worries!  You have got seed paper, which is a biodegradable material, that turns out into fascinating greenery when putting in the brown gold.

Pick an Environmentally sound venue

Choose a wedding site that takes sustainability earnestly. You can search for hotels that support the viability of nature. But there aren’t many. Instead go for the natural settings like farm, lawn, a vineyard or beach that is packed with the blessings of Nature, wherein the lighting is produced by the Sun that helps to wipe out the carbon footprint.

Perfect your intimate guest list

Sorry people! If you dreamt your wedding to be really a green one, you must curb down the list of people, whom you choose to witness your big day. Invite only those individuals whose name and the last-meet with them are strongly stamped down in your memory lane.

Don’t Trash; Donate Food

Food makes the mood, without a question. And we know, how generous you are to make your welcomed guests go stomach-full, by serving them with surplus love. But there are those unwelcomed guests out there, who are craving to have your love through Food. If your party is left with excess food, don’t dump that in landfills, instead serve that to orphanages or any charitable trust. But luckily, this has become a growing practice nowadays and we want you to be one of those couples to understand and share humanity. There are many NGOs who collect and distribute the food at free cost; All you have to do is, just ring them.

Go for DIY or built-in décor

Is there anything so embellishing than naturally designed flowers and leaves? Certainly, No! But be conscious of using floral decorations and buy them from local florists. And to top the effect of your big day, switch up the flower crown for the synthetic veil over the bride’s head.

If you plan to go in white or pale colour scheme on your wedding, you can play with more vibrant colours on the floral decorations. And you can even design your site with hanging coconut shell or with paper works. If you feel this as too much work, that’s ok! we have got the solution for you too. Look about for some wineries or farm, which is naturally made ready for you. And it is for sure that these little surprise elements will make your guests ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ throughout the ceremony.

Give Edible favours

Do not bore your guests by giving them plastic boxes or bottles as favours. Instead give them edible favours, so that it means, they are going to use for sure and not waste it. Get edibles from local markets to support their economy.

That’s it! It is simple as this to plan your green wedding more whimsical and more amiable with Nature. Thus, a green wedding is not impossible; Plan with us and make your life easy.


Cross-Culture Weddings

 By Arushi Mehrotra       

Marriage is not just two people tying knots. There is more to it. It is about two different families, their different worlds and cultures coming together under the same roof.  Nowadays, more and more couples coming from different cultures are tying the knot and bringing together both the bride and groom’s traditions and customs to be celebrated together at their wedding.  Such weddings are just a treat to be a part of. The diversity of two cultures, the different rituals, ceremonies would be so much fun to experience.  Though it won’t be a cakewalk to go through with it, however, when two people who understand, love, respect each other and one another’s cultures, it won’t be a hard nut to crack. All you need to do is to give a little thought and planning for weaving the two cultures together.

Here we have curated some ideas for you to keep in mind while you plan for your culturally diverse wedding.


You sure don’t want to miss on your favourite traditions or customs. This brings you to plan on your wedding rituals, beforehand. Since there are two cultures getting involved, you and your partner must make sure that equal importance is given to both the cultures. You must communicate and decide what all ceremonies do you guys want. Also, involve your family members and know their opinions too. If there are some ceremonies that both of your cultures have but with different traditions, try to combine them together for the perfect essence of cross-culturalism.


So, your guests will be amused by the fun they will experience at your mixed culture wedding. But, guests more than anything, enjoy the delectable dishes be it any function. Give your guests a flavour of the delicious cuisines of both the cultures. Include your authentic delectables and allow them to enjoy the richness of the cultures through food. This would be a great way for a fusion menu. A Punjabi buffet would comprise of some mouth-watering spicy cuisine along with liquor, while a Gujarati platter would have some lip-smacking sweet and tasty dishes. This aims to satisfy everybody’s taste buds by providing a lot of variety which makes the guests elated.


Your guests might not be all aware of both the cultures featuring in your wedding. Take out time to explain about the traditions and customs and about the cultures by means of a program or some cultural entertainment such as a  traditional dance or song or anything you feel suitable to include in the ceremonies to make them more fun. They sure would be interested to get involved in your cross-cultural features of the wedding. You could also have some professionals who could showcase your culture better. You could also create a manual for your guests to know about all the customs and rituals that are going to take place.


If you feel that adding both the cultures in their true forms is extending, you can always go by opting for bits from both and add your own personal touch to it. It is one of the best ways for a cross-culture wedding. This would include both the cultures as well as curating your own styles.


How lovely would it be to marry the love of your life, twice and that too according to the two different cultures, just like DeepVeer and PriNick.

Deepika and Ranveer married according to the traditional Konkani wedding first and then, on day 2, Deepika was seen as a beautiful North Indian bride.

Priyanka and Nick’s wedding took the internet by storm. While in the Christian wedding, PeeCee looked stunning in the white gown, her look in the Hindu wedding was completely different in a gorgeous red lehenga.

You can also marry according to both the cultures and have two marriages at once. You can have one with great pomp and show, others could be a simple and subtle one. All depends on you, whatever you choose for.

These were some of the tips for your cross-cultured weddings. Let us know which of these worked out the best for you.


Wedding Flair For Different Colors of Love

By Bhavya Kapoor

“Love is not confined and love has no gender” sounds very savoury to the ears but truly is a pitched battle and surprisingly a perpetual fight for the same sex. Undoubtedly our sapphic population becomes a pawn for mockery and a source of entertainment for some. At, least they’re sighted as a stigma for their gender and somehow become inappropriate for people to accept. But in even the darkest of nights, there is a blue sky every morning where not only opposite genders exchange vows but appreciate the love the of same genders. What’s more resplendent than supporting some e  to make their weddings an idyllic dreamland? Well if you wish to feel the magic to establish your wedding day then here are few ideas to shimmer your dream.

1.Bride/Groom Signs

Indeed animals are a symbol of unconditional love and affection and of course, they arouse the attention of the guests as well so in case if you are wandering for a fun way to make an entrance then these cute signs are surely a way to make it happen.

2. A Color To Symbolise

If you and your beloved partner wear your own materialized looks on your wedding day then you could always dress-up in a similar color through elements of your garb

3. Twining is a wining

While it seems a cakewalk but twinning is actually a cumbersome challenge and appears more thorny. You want to appear as spouses, not siblings! If you go for an option to match with your partner then go all-in with a careful selection of outfits coupled with different styles and accessories and prime grooming.

4. Boho Touch

Who doesn’t yearn for a boho wedding style? Even if you and your partner materialize an entirely different outfit, setting the vibe means your accessories will blend together in a way that’s plainly diverse.

5. A dramatic effect

Well, it’s hair-raising. Capes are always a spice for bridal fashion and there’s no significant reason why grooms can’t ornament the same trend. Similarly, a veil, statement headpiece, or some electrifying jeweler becomes a combo to glint the wedding attire.

6.Think out of the normalcy

There is no rulebook that says to cull for formal attire on your wedding day. If you and your partner love to make a statement, why not fabricate a dress code of your own or gather some radical looks together? Well, an unconventional look gives a breathtaking moment.

7. Griddled with love

Well, there is no demarcation for having a particular side for the Bride and Groom at your wedding. Have a guest circle around you or a heart can be made too.

8.Something More Than vows

Ask your friends and family to pen down what they love about you and words that portray them. These words would go into metallic shells and guests will speak at their turns and their words during the wedding.






Nair Wedding Ceremony

By Saumya Nair

Adoring a simple yet exquisite Nair wedding ceremony

Kerala’s distinctive rituals and traditions in weddings epitomize the elegance with simplicity.

Unlike a North Indian wedding, with elaborated and gaudy rituals or that customary wedding procession escorting the groom on horseback which is summed up as Baraat, the Nair weddings of Kerala is a synonym of simplicity with a series of humble rituals preceding the engagement. Yet to blend with other traditions, Kerala weddings has adopted some Northern India traditions as a prenuptial ritual. One such being the Mehendi ceremony.

Yes, you heard that right, a proper Nair wedding des not include Mehendi or Haldi ceremony! Umm! Not happening huh? But hey! That doesn’t wear off the beauty of minimal yet authentic age-old traditions.

Well, what charm us, even more, is the Kerala bride donning the Kanjivuram saree which is no less than the sabyasachi lehenga accessorised with gold necklaces & bangles. No wonder why our tongue slips saying ‘Gold owned country’ instead of ‘God’s own country’.

Come let us sway you away with the beliefs and traditions of a Nair wedding ceremony.


Taking planetary influence on top priorities, the families of bride and groom defines the pair as made in heaven & the priest holding an astrological background decides on the shubh muhurath or the best date to tie the knot .

With that commence the first tradition of the ceremony known as Nischayam otherwise known as engagement ceremony. It traditionally takes place at the bride’s house as an intimate affair. With only closed ones from both side of the family present. One of the elder members of the family reads out the approval of marriage function on the predecided date, venue and muhurtham. A copy of the above is signed and exchanged including some gifts on a platter.

One such ritual in the function happens where the bride is adorned with jasmine flowers on her hair pinned by her sister in law.

Nischayam is a promise made  and this promise is exchanged in the form of rings known as Mothiram Maatal

And that gears up the couple for their pre-wedding photoshoots.

Dakshina kodukkal

In any Hindu ceremony, the beginning of every auspicious event requires the blessings of the elders.  Dakshina happens to be an important auspicious is conducted just before the marriage ceremony or as a small function one day before the Day. The girl hands over a lemon, a coin on a betel leaf to the elders and touches their feet to seek blessings. Thus heading them to the main ceremony.

As an add on to the event, arrange a stage for a bachelorette party

This small ceremony can be spiced up infusing some song and dance at the very end of the event with every member in the family showcasing their fair share of talents. While in the bride’s house, the Mehendi function can as well be organized although the Mehendi ritual is not a part of the Nair wedding ceremony

On the Big Day

The celebrations begin with the custom where the bride’s parents fill the para, an auspicious Kerala utensil with Nellu (rice without removing the husk). This ritual is a sign of prosperity.

The welcoming of the bridegroom.

Unlike the Dulha on the horseback in the North, the Keralite groom is welcomed at the entrance by his mother in law and a set of young girls who happens to be the bride’s cousins. Before heading inside, the bride’s younger brother washes the feet of the groom. He is then escorted with the bride’s aunt and cousins to the stage who will be carrying small lamp or Diya while the Nadaswarams amp up the entry of the groom. He is made to sit on the right of the decorated canopy on a wooden plank and eagerly awaits the bride.

Bride entry

Off late bride’s entry is no more a usual sight of a blushing bride! The ongoing trends have given a slight twist to the overall monumental entry of the bride. She walks the aisle in a cinematic way dancing to the tunes of some remarkable Malayalam, Tamil or Hindi songs accompanied by her siblings and cousins.

Umm, what you waiting for my Keralite bride, ditch the conventional ways, surprise your love with your personalized choreography dancing to the rhythms of “Maangalyam” from Bangalore days or yet another peppy Tamil songs.

The customs and rituals curated with age-old traditions!

The bride once take the seat to the left side of the groom, the ceremony begins and both of them takes the 7 wedding vows.

No priests, no fire, the Kerala wedding is a five-minute affair!

  • Thali kettu

The groom initiates that auspicious moment known as Thaalikettu with Mangalsutra , a sanctified thread that he ties around the bride’s neck and this buckles up the newlyweds for a life long journey and ends with an exchange of garlands.

  •  Pudava Kodukal

Soon after this nuptial knot, the mother or aunt of the groom gifts the bride with a set of silk sarees and showers her blessings to the newlyweds.

  • Blessings

With every other member in the family, giving their share of milk and banana sweet to the couple ends up the simple yet elegant rituals of the Kerala wedding.

Set everything aside and tag it as simple but what stays apart to this elegant event is the extravagant feast served on the plantain leaf. An assortment of 25 various dishes all served on the leaf. Wow! Now never miss a chance when invited to a Kerala wedding.



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