By Arushi Mehrotra       

Marriage is not just two people tying knots. There is more to it. It is about two different families, their different worlds and cultures coming together under the same roof.  Nowadays, more and more couples coming from different cultures are tying the knot and bringing together both the bride and groom’s traditions and customs to be celebrated together at their wedding.  Such weddings are just a treat to be a part of. The diversity of two cultures, the different rituals, ceremonies would be so much fun to experience.  Though it won’t be a cakewalk to go through with it, however, when two people who understand, love, respect each other and one another’s cultures, it won’t be a hard nut to crack. All you need to do is to give a little thought and planning for weaving the two cultures together.

Here we have curated some ideas for you to keep in mind while you plan for your culturally diverse wedding.


You sure don’t want to miss on your favourite traditions or customs. This brings you to plan on your wedding rituals, beforehand. Since there are two cultures getting involved, you and your partner must make sure that equal importance is given to both the cultures. You must communicate and decide what all ceremonies do you guys want. Also, involve your family members and know their opinions too. If there are some ceremonies that both of your cultures have but with different traditions, try to combine them together for the perfect essence of cross-culturalism.


So, your guests will be amused by the fun they will experience at your mixed culture wedding. But, guests more than anything, enjoy the delectable dishes be it any function. Give your guests a flavour of the delicious cuisines of both the cultures. Include your authentic delectables and allow them to enjoy the richness of the cultures through food. This would be a great way for a fusion menu. A Punjabi buffet would comprise of some mouth-watering spicy cuisine along with liquor, while a Gujarati platter would have some lip-smacking sweet and tasty dishes. This aims to satisfy everybody’s taste buds by providing a lot of variety which makes the guests elated.


Your guests might not be all aware of both the cultures featuring in your wedding. Take out time to explain about the traditions and customs and about the cultures by means of a program or some cultural entertainment such as a  traditional dance or song or anything you feel suitable to include in the ceremonies to make them more fun. They sure would be interested to get involved in your cross-cultural features of the wedding. You could also have some professionals who could showcase your culture better. You could also create a manual for your guests to know about all the customs and rituals that are going to take place.


If you feel that adding both the cultures in their true forms is extending, you can always go by opting for bits from both and add your own personal touch to it. It is one of the best ways for a cross-culture wedding. This would include both the cultures as well as curating your own styles.


How lovely would it be to marry the love of your life, twice and that too according to the two different cultures, just like DeepVeer and PriNick.

Deepika and Ranveer married according to the traditional Konkani wedding first and then, on day 2, Deepika was seen as a beautiful North Indian bride.

Priyanka and Nick’s wedding took the internet by storm. While in the Christian wedding, PeeCee looked stunning in the white gown, her look in the Hindu wedding was completely different in a gorgeous red lehenga.

You can also marry according to both the cultures and have two marriages at once. You can have one with great pomp and show, others could be a simple and subtle one. All depends on you, whatever you choose for.

These were some of the tips for your cross-cultured weddings. Let us know which of these worked out the best for you.