By Bhavya Kapoor

“Love is not confined and love has no gender” sounds very savoury to the ears but truly is a pitched battle and surprisingly a perpetual fight for the same sex. Undoubtedly our sapphic population becomes a pawn for mockery and a source of entertainment for some. At, least they’re sighted as a stigma for their gender and somehow become inappropriate for people to accept. But in even the darkest of nights, there is a blue sky every morning where not only opposite genders exchange vows but appreciate the love the of same genders. What’s more resplendent than supporting some e  to make their weddings an idyllic dreamland? Well if you wish to feel the magic to establish your wedding day then here are few ideas to shimmer your dream.

1.Bride/Groom Signs

Indeed animals are a symbol of unconditional love and affection and of course, they arouse the attention of the guests as well so in case if you are wandering for a fun way to make an entrance then these cute signs are surely a way to make it happen.

2. A Color To Symbolise

If you and your beloved partner wear your own materialized looks on your wedding day then you could always dress-up in a similar color through elements of your garb

3. Twining is a wining

While it seems a cakewalk but twinning is actually a cumbersome challenge and appears more thorny. You want to appear as spouses, not siblings! If you go for an option to match with your partner then go all-in with a careful selection of outfits coupled with different styles and accessories and prime grooming.

4. Boho Touch

Who doesn’t yearn for a boho wedding style? Even if you and your partner materialize an entirely different outfit, setting the vibe means your accessories will blend together in a way that’s plainly diverse.

5. A dramatic effect

Well, it’s hair-raising. Capes are always a spice for bridal fashion and there’s no significant reason why grooms can’t ornament the same trend. Similarly, a veil, statement headpiece, or some electrifying jeweler becomes a combo to glint the wedding attire.

6.Think out of the normalcy

There is no rulebook that says to cull for formal attire on your wedding day. If you and your partner love to make a statement, why not fabricate a dress code of your own or gather some radical looks together? Well, an unconventional look gives a breathtaking moment.

7. Griddled with love

Well, there is no demarcation for having a particular side for the Bride and Groom at your wedding. Have a guest circle around you or a heart can be made too.

8.Something More Than vows

Ask your friends and family to pen down what they love about you and words that portray them. These words would go into metallic shells and guests will speak at their turns and their words during the wedding.