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A Perfect Green Wedding

By Ayshwarya Hephzibah C

Save the date, Save the Planet!

Your Wedding day is meant to be the most auspicious day in your life, but it can be a million times worth boasting about if happened in a wasteless eco-friendly style. As an inhabitant of this magnificent Earth, we know how hard it is to live a life without impairing our environment. And all of us are aware of the typical Big Fat Indian Wedding, which is a giant waste of money as well as food, besides holding a firm role in polluting our Terra. So, the idea behind the green wedding is to create a zero or reduced waste to diminish the environmental impact of every occasion on this Earth.

And our team believes that it is not a big deal to make your sustainable wedding as great as possible.  Since sustainability goes hand to hand with preserving nature, your green wedding can make a difference without sacrificing your budget and vision. Think of your big day celebrated in an eco-friendly way, that sets an epitome to all the young ‘about to become couples’ out there! Yes, you can have a guilt-free celebration with your loved one surrounded by your perfected guest list.

To help you design your eco wedding, we have rounded up some creative ideas. Try these small changes to conserve the environment at least on your special day.

Choose eco-friendly wedding invitations

E-vites are a way better than invitation cards, for they are almost free of cost and hopefully, is cent percent sure to reach everyone within the reach of the world within a flash of a second. But, if your desi parents insist on inviting your guests with a typical card, no worries!  You have got seed paper, which is a biodegradable material, that turns out into fascinating greenery when putting in the brown gold.

Pick an Environmentally sound venue

Choose a wedding site that takes sustainability earnestly. You can search for hotels that support the viability of nature. But there aren’t many. Instead go for the natural settings like farm, lawn, a vineyard or beach that is packed with the blessings of Nature, wherein the lighting is produced by the Sun that helps to wipe out the carbon footprint.

Perfect your intimate guest list

Sorry people! If you dreamt your wedding to be really a green one, you must curb down the list of people, whom you choose to witness your big day. Invite only those individuals whose name and the last-meet with them are strongly stamped down in your memory lane.

Don’t Trash; Donate Food

Food makes the mood, without a question. And we know, how generous you are to make your welcomed guests go stomach-full, by serving them with surplus love. But there are those unwelcomed guests out there, who are craving to have your love through Food. If your party is left with excess food, don’t dump that in landfills, instead serve that to orphanages or any charitable trust. But luckily, this has become a growing practice nowadays and we want you to be one of those couples to understand and share humanity. There are many NGOs who collect and distribute the food at free cost; All you have to do is, just ring them.

Go for DIY or built-in décor

Is there anything so embellishing than naturally designed flowers and leaves? Certainly, No! But be conscious of using floral decorations and buy them from local florists. And to top the effect of your big day, switch up the flower crown for the synthetic veil over the bride’s head.

If you plan to go in white or pale colour scheme on your wedding, you can play with more vibrant colours on the floral decorations. And you can even design your site with hanging coconut shell or with paper works. If you feel this as too much work, that’s ok! we have got the solution for you too. Look about for some wineries or farm, which is naturally made ready for you. And it is for sure that these little surprise elements will make your guests ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ throughout the ceremony.

Give Edible favours

Do not bore your guests by giving them plastic boxes or bottles as favours. Instead give them edible favours, so that it means, they are going to use for sure and not waste it. Get edibles from local markets to support their economy.

That’s it! It is simple as this to plan your green wedding more whimsical and more amiable with Nature. Thus, a green wedding is not impossible; Plan with us and make your life easy.


Wedding Flair For Different Colors of Love

By Bhavya Kapoor

“Love is not confined and love has no gender” sounds very savoury to the ears but truly is a pitched battle and surprisingly a perpetual fight for the same sex. Undoubtedly our sapphic population becomes a pawn for mockery and a source of entertainment for some. At, least they’re sighted as a stigma for their gender and somehow become inappropriate for people to accept. But in even the darkest of nights, there is a blue sky every morning where not only opposite genders exchange vows but appreciate the love the of same genders. What’s more resplendent than supporting some e  to make their weddings an idyllic dreamland? Well if you wish to feel the magic to establish your wedding day then here are few ideas to shimmer your dream.

1.Bride/Groom Signs

Indeed animals are a symbol of unconditional love and affection and of course, they arouse the attention of the guests as well so in case if you are wandering for a fun way to make an entrance then these cute signs are surely a way to make it happen.

2. A Color To Symbolise

If you and your beloved partner wear your own materialized looks on your wedding day then you could always dress-up in a similar color through elements of your garb

3. Twining is a wining

While it seems a cakewalk but twinning is actually a cumbersome challenge and appears more thorny. You want to appear as spouses, not siblings! If you go for an option to match with your partner then go all-in with a careful selection of outfits coupled with different styles and accessories and prime grooming.

4. Boho Touch

Who doesn’t yearn for a boho wedding style? Even if you and your partner materialize an entirely different outfit, setting the vibe means your accessories will blend together in a way that’s plainly diverse.

5. A dramatic effect

Well, it’s hair-raising. Capes are always a spice for bridal fashion and there’s no significant reason why grooms can’t ornament the same trend. Similarly, a veil, statement headpiece, or some electrifying jeweler becomes a combo to glint the wedding attire.

6.Think out of the normalcy

There is no rulebook that says to cull for formal attire on your wedding day. If you and your partner love to make a statement, why not fabricate a dress code of your own or gather some radical looks together? Well, an unconventional look gives a breathtaking moment.

7. Griddled with love

Well, there is no demarcation for having a particular side for the Bride and Groom at your wedding. Have a guest circle around you or a heart can be made too.

8.Something More Than vows

Ask your friends and family to pen down what they love about you and words that portray them. These words would go into metallic shells and guests will speak at their turns and their words during the wedding.