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Some top luxury wedding venues in India

In India, there are many luxurious venues to organise astar-studded wedding, some of these are mentioned here:

If you are interested in hosting a lavish wedding ceremony and money is not a big issue for you, then you can go through the list of some of the top wedding venues in India. To organise an extravagant looking wedding ceremony that will dazzle all your guests, we suggest that you take the services of an experienced wedding planner. There are several luxury-wedding planners in Delhi and after looking at their past work and comparing their packages; you can select one that provides you with the best bang for your bucks.

Here we will like to share with you some of the amazing venues that will allow you to create a big impression on your guests. When you hire the wedding planning services in India, then they will guide you to select the right wedding venue that fits into your requirements and budget. However, you can still share some of these options with them and get their point of view on the availability and logistical necessity that you might face if you went ahead and select any one of these.

1). ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad: This beautiful place sits at the heart of the Hyderabad’s business district. This lovely looking hotel right beside the DurgamChervuLakeand is patterned on the geometric design of a diamond. It has 244 suites and 24 serviced residences. This hall has two beautiful banquet halls and two outdoor venues where you can host your wedding celebrations. If you wish to have a destination wedding in Hyderabad, then this is a perfect place for it.

2). ITC Grand Goa: If you are looking for a beautiful beachside wedding in Goa, then you can book the ITC Grand Goa. This superbly designed hotel is situated right on the beach of Arossim. It has several indoor and outdoor venues; one of them can house 40 guests and then there is a big one that can easily house 400 guests. It has 250 beautifully decorated rooms where you can house your outstation guests.

3). Rambagh Palace: If you are dreaming about organising a wedding event in a fairy tale setting, then you can look at the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur.The beautiful Palace that was earlier used to house the royalty of the Jaipur is now renovated and acts as a super luxury hotel of the Taj group. This beautiful hotel has 78 uber cool residences fitted with the best possible conveniences that money could buy. It has few tastefully decorated banquet halls and a beautiful outdoor arena where you can organise a huge event.

4). Jal Mahal Palace: If you want to splurge heavily on your wedding then nothing beats, then the chance to hold the event at the Jal Mahal Palace hotel in Jaipur. This super luxury hotel surrounding by a beautiful Mughal garden provides a bewitching backdrop that is perfect for hosting a fabulous wedding party and impress your guests. This hotel has 94 rooms and 6 suits that allow you and your guests to enjoy their stay here fully.So come hereand treated like royalty.

These are some of the top wedding venues in India that offeran amazing setting where you can organise a memorable wedding event party.


3 Ways Facebook Can Generate Moolah For Your Wedding Business

Facebook isn’t just for looking through your aunt’s cake pictures and stalking your ex on the sly anymore. With its community and gathering mojo, it’s a prime place to do your wedding marketing, get some leads, and land some customers.

Alright, fine. You knew that already.

But what you may not know is how to capitalize on the social media behemoth, how to market your business and generate leads effectively and honestly.

We’re here to help.

  1. Join relevant Facebook Groups

Goodness gracious, are there ever scads and scads of wedding groups and forums for brides- (and grooms) to-be to converge and shoot the wedding breeze with their fellow travelers.
Some of these groups will even be local to you. So join them.

But for the love of all that is holy, do not join a Facebook wedding group and immediately post, “HAY I’M THE BEST WEDDING PLANNER FLORIST AROUND SO VISIT MY WEBPAGE AT!”

For starters, such spamming will get you banned from most groups. Secondly, even if it doesn’t get you banned, such obnoxiously forward advertising doesn’t work very well.

Do you like to be hit up in that manner?

No, using Facebook groups to drum up business calls for finesse, grace, and subtlety.

Read and respond to the posts of the group. Engage in the group as a friend, not as a business owner or salesperson.

It doesn’t hurt to become known in the community as a caring and interesting poster. Then, when somebody makes a post looking for recommendations for someone in your line of work, then you can make your pitch.

But – and this is important – pitch like you would to your Aunt, not the virtual stranger that they are to you. Do it with warmth and familiarity as opposed to a hard sell.

All of the above becomes infinitely easier if you actually care about the Facebook wedding groups you are participating in, rather than cynically exploiting it to generate business.

Sure, that may be the primary goal, but if making genuine connections, engaging in mirthful conversation, and giving sound and caring advice (good advice mixed with referrals to his peers in other areas of the wedding business is a favored cocktail of wedding videographer Brandon Morgan) are secondary goals, the primary goal becomes a lot more achievable.

Those referrals can become crucial too.

As Morgan puts it, “I’ve found some particular vendors that I like in these groups and when someone asks for a service that they can fulfill, I refer them. This has gotten me referrals from those vendors, but also it’s kept me in the minds of some of the brides as well.”

That, he says, has lead to indirect bookings for him.

  1. Pin It!

Eventually, by following the above, you will become known as a good and reliable wedding florist (or whatever your wedding professional work is) and you’ll be able to market your services a bit more directly (which reminds me – familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of each group and follow them, and don’t try to hide or obscure the fact that you are in the wedding business; you don’t want to look like a double agent).

When that happens over time, people will start visiting your Facebook business page (you have one, right?).

Over time, some of your posts will be more popular than others and generate more leads than others.
Maybe the winning post will be one where you show off your best and most unique work, or maybe one where you are running a evergreen contest of some sort.

At any rate, when you have a post that attracts a lot of attention, pin it. Pinning a post means when someone visits your page, they will always see that post first.

It’s easy to do, and it has a way of keeping your most popular posts perpetually popular as more people join the Facebook wedding groups and get to know you.

  1. Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

According to Lindsay Kolowich, over a billion people use a mobile device to access Facebook every day. That billion with a B, and indeed, more people each day look at Facebook on their phone than they do on their computers.

As fleshed out above, people will eventually visit your Facebook page, which in turn means they will eventually be visiting your actual website, if you have one.

It’s therefore critically important that your website not only “works” on mobile, but looks good on mobile. Incredibly, this crucial bit is often ignored, resulted in untold lost business.

If your website provider doesn’t automatically render your website well on mobile (test this yourself, extensively! Click on all your links. Make a dummy purchase), and you aren’t a web developer youself, treat yourself to one. They can be hired inexpensively, especially if you look overseas. You owe it to your future bulging wallet!

What do you think about using Facebook for leads?


3 Important Things Engaged Couples Consider While Choosing Vendors.

Many of us are usually quick to assume that to-be-wed couples while choosing a wedding vendor are more concerned about the price. To an extent, the answer is affirmative and price is a crucial factor when it comes to expenditure. But besides price there are other factors that are more relevant and could influence the decision of a couple while hiring a vendor. So, what are the factors? I personally believe that the below given three values will help us to understand what couples usually have in their mind while hiring a wedding vendor.

1. To-be-wed couples prefer eye-appealing details:

If you own a wedding business website then make sure that the images, colour, portfolio, content and various other marketing materials on your website are eye catching and interesting. A well designed website with appealing images can attract a lot of visitors or queries.
However, for many of us, it is hard to judge our own work for ourselves. So, in such situation it is always better to ask your friends or family members whether your website or the uploaded images are striking and catchy.

2. Vendors with a candid and amicable attitude are highly preferred:
Couples always prefer or value vendors who are candid and can connect with them on a personal level.

Remember that there is no dearth of wedding vendors in this highly competitive market but couples prefer vendors that they think are candid and can get along with them during their special moment of their life.

Many couples hire vendors based on the latter’s rapport in the industry or market. But the question is what will you do to establish rapport or a strong connection with the client? The simple way is: if you own a website then add testimonials given by other clients as it is effective and would establish greater trust among the clients and also increases the probability to be hired.

3. Couples value the latest wedding trends.
Keep yourself well-informed about the latest wedding trends in your city. In the contemporary times, young couples prefer to celebrate their special day in a unique and glamorous manner. They prefer the latest wedding trends to capture the wedding moments. So, as a wedding vendor, just make sure that you keep yourself equipped with the latest wedding trends. And to help you become an expert on the wedding trends 2018, here is a free report that covers predictions for wedding fashion, decor, ambiance and more!