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Wedding Planner in Delhi India

Do you remember Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding? So many people all around the world got charmed by the fantastic services at the wedding. It was a genuine royal wedding event undoubtedly. Who might not have any desire to have such a wedding? On the off chance that you trust that such weddings are only intended for regal or super-rich families, then you have to reconsider. Indeed, there is no need to have billions in your bank account to have an illustrious royal wedding of your own. With a little planning and a pre planned arrangement, you can easily have a royal wedding of your own and what’s more is the fact that it will be nothing short of a grand affair. Given below are some of the brilliant tips and tricks that will help you plan your royal wedding with much needed ease.

1. Location: The location of the wedding should be nothing less than a dream come true. To make your wedding an extravagant event, it’s essential to choose a location that could be changed into something amazing. It requires not really be a mansion or a royal residence, but rather can be a stupendous lobby too. Location is vital in setting the tone of a wedding, so the decision of choosing a location is vital to plan the entire wedding. While choosing, think about a place which is exceptional to you and your significant other. Why not plan your wedding there? Rather than going the traditional path by getting hitched in wedding corridors and costly hotels inside the city, you can pick a farmhouse or a retreat on the outskirts of a city. It’ll be a progressively serene and private issue.

2. Timing: Usually, autumn and winter time is considered to be the most significant wedding seasons in India. However, the costs of wedding necessities shoot up amid this period. Furthermore, you may even wind up attempting to discover a venue or a good caterer. Be that as it may, this can stay away from in the event that you thoroughly think about going off season. What about getting hitched in spring or summer? Off-season enables you to deal with all the arrangements in a much better way to finish the wedding. It is certain that you will be pleased.

3. Right decor: After choosing the location, now comes the time to include the components that will make the wedding look imperial. You can experiment with the decor based on your preferences and imagination. Many bunches of white roses and pink roses, lakes with swans, gold and silver shades, precious stones and outlandish flame with stunning candelabras or metal lights, can help make a beautiful royal space to host a wedding. Any normal place can be suitably changed into a royal space just with the correct sort of imperial decorations.

4. Invitation cards: You are prepared to set the imperial state of mind at your wedding and you’re kicking the bucket to shout out to the world that you are getting married. Make sure you choose the invitation cards as royally as possible under the best circumstances. The initial step is to begin your wedding celebration is to send out royal invites. Pick an invitation card that is all about royalty. From perfumed to melodic – there is a wide range of wedding invitation cards out there. Be that as it may, paying for these costly wedding cards may make you need to cut down your guest list. Choose customized invites only for special ones and tackle the majority of your guests with e-invites. This is likewise a decent method to invite people.

5. Plan it well: Royal weddings are anything flawless in one word. The reason why this is because there is careful planning involved in arranging everything. We state, half a year is a decent time to carefully plan a wedding. In the event that yours will be an increasingly private issue, you can maybe manage in a shorter time span. Your wedding planner is a crucial person at the time of planning. All then courses of actions involved in planning the wedding should focus around coordinating the scale of your royal wedding. In the event that proper planning doesn’t take place then things can get messy at the right time. Arranging a wedding admirably early gives you more opportunity to investigate your alternatives and get all things at the best cost. You will be able to estimate the costs in a better way and arrange for money way before the actual bookings. You can also go for a wedding loan with famous banks to handle your expenses in an organized manner. Too short a time period removes the dealing power from you. Simply the venue will cost you a lot, and afterward there are different costs.

6. Wedding dresses: Nothing delineates eminence superior to the wedding trousseau of the couple, so choose the best. Directly from the couture to the gem pieces, shoes and cosmetics, everything will characterize how royal you will look on your wedding. You can go about this smartly by keenly hiring a nearby diamond setter to etch out conspicuous gem pieces with lesser quality material so that it doesn’t cost you much.

7. Hire a good wedding planner: You must hire a good wedding planner who has had a functional involvement in overseeing royal weddings. Thus, as opposed to contributing hours on phone approaches making all the distinctive courses of action from miles away, you will have a professional who will manage it only for you. Wedding planners come with skills, knowledge and past experience of planning the best possible royal weddings. You will be surprised at how easily everything will be handled once you hire a wedding planner.

An illustrious royal wedding is a fantasy for some, which can work out with brilliant planning. Simply pursue a shrewd spending plan and the previously mentioned tips, and you will be good to go to charm your guests and well wishers on the huge day.


Top 5 Wedding Decor Trends Of 2019

We all have that series of thoughts in our minds of how the placements and decoration would look on our ‘Wedding Day’. To increase the knowledge
Shubh Muhurat Luxury Weddings has some mind blowing ideas that would trending in 2019. So let’s have a look :-

1. Fancy ceiling

As you have seen our different wedding pictures, we would suggest you to have an extraordinary ceiling decorations to make the look more appealing. Being the number 1 suggestion we’ll show you some pictures that will clear your mindset.

A) LED Lighting
LED Lighting | Wedding Planners in Delhi

B) Floral Hanging

C) Floral decoration on Rings

D) Drapings


Most popular ones and our favourite are the irresistible hangings which are mostly used in making of photobooths, that are gaining trend in weddings all over the world.

A) DreamCatchers/Tassels

B) Bulbs & Glass balls

C) ‘Genda Phool’ Decoration

3. The clicking session at the ‘Booth’

People nowadays love clicking pictures everywhere. So, a trendy wedding booth will make your big day the most memorable one. Here are some very cool ideas just for you guys.

A) The Classic Booth

B) Bollywood style

C) Hanging Frames

D) Instagram Picture with cool hashtags


The place where the Bride and Groom make their promises should be the most dreamy one.

A) Draped with floral hangings
B) Floating mandap on beach-side

C) Florals (all timers)

5. Wedding Chair Covers

People gathering for the wedding are also Important and so is the seating are for the wedding. So, lets have a look:-

A) Ruffles

B) Florals with Drapings

C) Colour Contrast


Your Wedding Planner for life

Time is the most important resource. For an important event like your wedding, it is very imperative for it to go as planned. Guess what! You are just a click away to witness a jaw dropping wedding event. Here in India, with ShubhMuhurat Luxury Weddings, your wedding goals are just a click away!

ShubhMuhurat is all about the best things happening at the best moments. It is a magical journey into the future you dreamed about. Every wedding is unique and specials. Keeping this in mind we design the more creative of wedding plans to run through your bucket list. We fulfil your dreams of perfect weddings with our innovations. It is not just an event, it is an experience. We have beautiful stories to write with each wedding. Let us give you a glimpse of the services we nurture your wedding with.

  • Start with an idea!

We love to paint a picture of how your wedding would look like and what makes it memorable.

  • Name your services!

Just ask for all the things you need. We take care of the budget planning, venue, designs and aesthetics, food, wedding performances, hospitality and invitation cards. We have beautiful customizations to suit your needs.

We plan it as you dream it. Is your destination wedding going to be on a Beach or in a Fort? Is it going to be Rustic or Vintage? Are you a luxury wedding lover? We have everything you need to make you the happiest. Your wish is our command.

  • Special Requests

Want a wedding with a theme? Are you clueless about a celebrity performance? Do you have pre-wedding photoshoot goals? Wish to throw a cock-tail party? Each of your special wishes are fulfilled with ShubhMuhurat.

  • Post wedding events

Our relationship does not end with your wedding! We have more to offer. If a perfect Honeymoon is your next goal, we are your magic carpet! We plan and organize post wedding events as mesmerizing as the wedding and optimize your travel plans from budget to itinerary.

Consider it a teaser trailer, your wedding movies are yet to be directed! Let us shake hands and raise a toast to your best day. We hope to see your stories on our website. Vibe with us at ShubhMuhurat Luxury Wedding, your trusted wedding partner. Read more wedding blog


Planning a Theme for Wedding in Delhi

Wedding planning is a tough task and deciding a theme for the wedding is just the beginning of this mammoth job. Secretly all of us think about weddings. Not just our own wedding but also when we are attending one. So where are you headed to this wedding season?

Talking about weddings, one cannot miss out on weddings in Delhi. Be it the charms of ChandniChowk where a majority of the shopping happens or the scenic locations like HauzKhas where pre-wedding shoots take place, Delhi is planner in delhi

In recent years, we have seen a shift from our regular classic band-baaja weddings. Couples prefer various unique and beautiful wedding themes for their special day that makes their wedding unique and special in their own way such that people remember them forever.

And trust us, planning a theme for a wedding in Delhi is more than replacing the traditional marigold with plush orchids, because we are so captivated by #Virushka and #DeepVeer. Aren’t we?

So here we list a few tips for all those who have wedding planning on their mind.

Decide upon a wedding theme

You can choose from a number of wedding themes as per your liking. From ‘Fairy Tale Themed Wedding’ where you can write your own happily-ever-after story to a ‘Green Wedding’, which reflects you as a couple who is sober and closer to nature.And it all matches your budget too. With the right wedding planners, you can have your dream wedding planned in no time. The wedding destination, bride and groom outfits, wedding decorations, menu and everything on your wish list.

Basis the trends we have some suggestions for you.

What to do-

  • Lighter shades are in. Being subtle is the new trend in Indian weddings. Colours like pink, peach, mauve or cream are preferred. However, too much of flowery appearance can be avoided. We can always work with duppattas and other draping material for the décor. The bride & groom outfit can be worked out accordingly so that it doesn’t merge with the décor and still be in the theme.
  • What is a wedding without the right lighting arrangement? Here we suggest you use a mix of light sources like rice lights, earthen lamps, candles, and glass reflectors. As the wedding night grows, it makes the ambiance more warm and peaceful. Especially for weddings in Delhi which happen to be mostly in winters, these can do the magic.
  •  Controlling food wastage at our weddings. The best way to do is to decide upon a good, unanimously approved menu. The extra food can be given to the needy after the function is over.

What NOT to do

  •  Being loud is allowed but to an extent. Weddings in Delhi have been always been in news both for good and bad reasons. Undoubtedly we have grand weddings but let us choose more peace-loving wedding themes which aim at eliminating the burning of firecrackers and reduce both air and noise pollution.

Let us know your thoughts too. Contribute to the ideas in our comment section. See you at the wedding! For more visit


Hunting for the Unicorn Bride

My biggest challenge is connecting with the right brides…how can I find brides who understand the investment going into their wedding flowers/photography/video/catering/fill-in-your-service]?

Brides who understand the investment necessary to do what you do as well as you do it?

You’d have better luck hunting for unicorns.  🙂

Seriously, most brides have NO IDEA how much a wedding costs, let alone how much it costs for the highest quality they see on Style Me Pretty and My Fair Wedding.

The only ones who understand the “investment” are probably wedding pros themselves.

Rather than finding brides who understand the “investment” involved in what you do, you need to find brides who value it enough to pay for it.

It’s a subtle, but powerful, distinction.

The real value they’re paying for is always emotional. 

Having those gorgeous flowers means something. It’s remembering the hydrangeas in Grandma’s backyard, reliving that night in the rose garden where they had their first kiss, or imagining how special she’s going to feel in that moment with lush, one of a kind floral arrangements surrounding her.

Now that we’ve got the unicorn fantasy out of the way…

Here’s how you can connect with the couples who will pay more:

1. Clearly identify who you’re looking for.

What style of wedding are they planning?  What venues do they choose for the ceremony and reception?  Where do they live/work/go to school?

2. Specialize in providing an experience just for that ideal couple.

Use the words they speak to describe the problem and the ideal wedding they want to describe what you do on your website and in your marketing materials. Display photos and videos of couples like them so they recognize themselves.

When you specialize, your value immediately increases for the couples who want exactly what you do.

3. Once you know who they are, find out where they go, both online and off, and meet them there.

What wedding planning websites do they visit?  Which wedding professionals do they hire?  What local organizations do they belong to?  What clothing stores do they shop in?

If you aren’t sure where to start, most often, you (or your spouse) fits your ideal client profile.  You can also survey your current and past clients to learn more, and be sure to ask them when you meet in person.

It starts with knowing who you want to attract and climbing into their shoes so that you can think like them and communicate the experience they want in a way that connects.


Pricing psychology

Pricing psychology is not a new phenomenon. In fact, even if you look at the words “pricing psychology” or “strategic pricing,” you intuitively know what it means.
best wedding planner in Delhi NCR
Overall, it’s a tactic that takes advantage of customers’ emotional responses to certain price points.
Since you’re in the wedding business, you’ve seen more than one emotional response, right? (Has a bride carried in your store today?)
Right. So this is nothing new.
If you think that strategic pricing is as simple as immediate pricing every item in your store $99.99 or anything else ending in $0.99, you’re partially right.
However, more techniques exist than just slapping a price tag that ends in $0.99 on everything in your store —and there are lots of marketing studies that prove it.
Charm pricing
Charm pricing is the technical name for the marketing magic that occurs when you, as a business owner, label things ending in $0.99. Or, ending in 9, for that matter. $99, for example. (There just might be magic in that number!)
For example, if you have a wedding planner and wedding priced at $4,999.99, customers see that figure interpret it as four thousand dollars, not five thousand dollars. Here’s a way to illustrate that:
Mom: “Honey, that’s an expensive dress. It’s $5,000.”
Bride: “Moooom, no, it’s only $4,999.”
To boot, customers really do favor odd pricing over whole number pricing.
It all comes down to rational thought—they perceive that your shop employed a rational “thought process” in the pricing of whatever they’d like to buy. Also, customers perceive odd pricing as your shop or business, having priced the item at the lowest possible price, maybe thinking, “Oh, they’re so nice. They saved me some money.”
Yep, sure did.
If they see whole numbers, they think they’re being overcharged. (They might believe a wedding dress at $5,000 is a rip-off, but if it’s $4,999.99—they believe the company worked super hard on their behalf to keep prices as low as possible.)
Prestige pricing strategy
Here’s another interesting phenomenon: prestige pricing strategy. This is a pricing strategy that sets the prices of luxury products to the expectations of a niche class of customers who associate higher prices with superior quality.
These customers are willing to pay higher prices because of the perceived social benefits they’ll automatically receive by owning the product.
Wedding businesses can—and should—totally capitalize on this higher-end strategy.
Only a limited number of individuals can afford certain wedding items, which adds to the wedding items’ exclusivity and appeals to these customers.
Those with expensive wedding products, take note.
Buy one, get one free
You’ll see this all the time with cereals, soaps, lotions, smaller products, etc. Maybe you even do this in your wedding shop with smaller items such as jewelry, garters, whatever!
People naturally gravitate toward the word “free.” We intuitively might know that there may be no difference in the actual final price between two items, but we would psychologically do anything for that “freebie.”
In fact, if you went around and did a street survey and asked whether someone would rather buy an item half off or buy one, get one free, it’s possible they’ll ask for free every time.
Comparative pricing
How does it work to highlight competitors’ higher pricing with your own? It might be risky, according to a study done and reported in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Check it out.
And what about your competitors’ pricing? If your pricing is higher than your competitors’, you’re going to have to be able to convey the added value that comes at this price. Maybe you have better alteration options if you’re a wedding dress shop. Maybe you offer more personalized service. Maybe your customer service is spectacular.
Whatever it is, make sure they get that.
Visually highlight new prices
Or, there’s always the old stand-by: Cross out your old price and show the new price in bigger, bolder fonts. Font, size, color—it all works! Again, your customers will believer you’re doing them a huge favor in return and that you truly do care about their wallets.
And you do, right?
Also, it’s important to understand your customer, your competition, the market and your region. Pricing psychology campaigns will be completely different in Cheyenne, Wyoming compared to New York, New York.
Try some different pricing strategies (and do your research), and above all else, keep track of what works and what doesn’t. You might be pleasantly surprised!


3 New Twists For Creepy Wedding Traditions

This week’s inspiration is based on this writeup in The Insider of “7 popular wedding traditions that are actually super creepy.

The writer, Lindsay Mack, is either a master of deadpan humor or understates everything in life. I hope it’s the former.

Wedding Planner in Delhi

I am amused when editors are such to slaves to style that they will shoehorn anything into their prescribed format. In this case, they want to lead with three summation bullet points, which leads us to the helpful insight, “Weddings are often filled with fun traditions.”

I’m not going to go through each one of these untoward traditions, but for the ones I do, I will give you a more palatable alternative. Sound good?

Original item: “The origins of the bouquet and garter toss are surprisingly raunchy.”

Mack goes on to describe how these throws used to signify everything coming off the bride to demonstrate that the wedding’s consummation is gonna happen RIGHT NOW, in FRONT OF EVERYBODY.

That used to be a thing, and yes, it is super creepy.

Or, as Mack puts it, The whole event was creepy, to be honest.”

How I love the “to be honest” part. Way to out on a limb, there. Or again, this is deadpan, in which I applaud.

The bride and groom no longer do it in front of everyone, so I’m pleased to report we are no longer “super creepy” in this regard.

Tradition Reimagined: Bring Back The Sixpence!

Whatever your wedding vocation is, you can gift the couple a sixpence. They cost less than $5 on eBay and honor the tradition of bringing the gender inclusive couple “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence for your shoe.”

The sixpence can also be tossed (carefully) into the wedding party, if the garter toss it too risqué for your clients.

Original Item: Kidnapping likely served as the origins of honeymoons.

Mack writes, “In a time when marriage by capture (AKA kidnapping) was common, the groom would hide his bride away for several months, until her family gave up the search or she fell pregnant, according to the New York Post. Being taken from your family and stuck in an unknown location was probably a far cry from relaxing on a Hawaiian beach.”


To feel the need to state that relaxing on the beach is even DEFINITIVELY better than being a hostage for so long that your family gives up boggles my mind.

Yet gain, the joke could be on me, here, and Mack knows this. Please let it be so.

Tradition Reimagined: Kidnapping Bad! Seclusion Good!

This one is for the honeymoon coordinators and reception venue holders. The more privacy a couple has available to them, the better.

For honeymoons, this means they should feel like they are in Eden and have the whole world to themselves.

For receptions, maybe a private room for the bride and groom to decompress away from it all and share a moment of intimacy before throwing themselves back to the partying lions.

Old Tradition: Bridesmaids Used To Have A Horrifying Job

Mack tells of how bridesmaids used to dress very similarly to the brides, to confuse and ward off evil spirits looking to curse the bride.

Weird, maybe, but how is that HORRIFYING?

Tradition Reimagined: Make The Bridesmaids Feed The Bride

Caterers! This one’s for you.

Back in the day, according to Mental Floss (see item #10), the bridesmaids used to feed the bride “a concoction of plum buns in spiced ale to ‘restore the energies.’”

As I’m sure we all have a plum buns and spiced ale recipe at the ready, what are you waiting for? The bride needs to restore the energies!

How will you live with yourself if the bride’s energies aren’t restored and you could’ve done something about it?

To close out on a less cheeky note, always check with your clients, of course, before pulling the trigger on these reimagined traditions.


How to Navigate Politically Charged And Controversial Weddings

Recently, 80 zillion men and women who just OMG love the royals got something new to squee about: the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle.

I expect Twitter and Instagram to explode during the actual ceremony.

I mean that literally. Your computer, if you have the misfortune to be logged on to Twitter or Insta at the time, will blow up in fire and I hope you don’t get injured.

But already, this engagement has caused a spot of controversy, when it was reported that Donald Trump was not invited to the wedding because he’s a “serious threat to human rights,” per Harry.

According to Politifact, Harry did not actually say that. But certainly, these are those most polarizing times in decades.

Certainly, Trump is a divisive figure.

Certainly, there can be controversies that are personal rather than political in nature that can affect weddings.

Certainly, you should know how to work your way around delicate matters and strong disagreements and scandals that can serve as a lamentable backdrop to many weddings.

Here are some keys to keep in mind:

1. Be As Neutral As Switzerland

Once you have taken a job, the best idea is to simply not weigh in on the row between, for example, the arch-conservative father-in-law and his new hippie son-in-law.

Taking a strong stance in these matters will alienate the other side from booking you when the time comes.

On the other hand, staying above the fray alienates no one.

The only exception is you may want to offer quiet support or solidarity, if you feel it, with your clients. They’re paying you.

2. Don’t Try To Go Viral

This is related to the first point.

If you’re a DJ who takes a job at, to use a ridiculous example, a Ku Klux Klan wedding, it might be tempting to strike a blow for justice and yell out “Meet your new awful racist bride and groom and F*** THE KKK I’M OUT!”

You can imagine becoming a viral hero, and watching the bookings line up.

The problem is, for every awesome righteous video that does go viral, there are 1,000 that fail to, for one reason or another.

Instead, those people stand to LOSE business and alienate entire families, neighborhoods, and towns, and end up having to give up their wedding planner & DJ dreams take a job at Dairy Queen.

Oh, and also, you might get beaten up if you try to do this.

3. Don’t Betray Your Beliefs Or Identity

Perhaps the most important factor of the above two points is that they apply to jobs you’ve already accepted and are actively working.

I am absolutely NOT here to tell you to either take every opportunity that comes your way, OR that you have to stay quiet off the job on matters that are important to you.

By all means, turn down that KKK wedding. Turn down ANY job you don’t feel comfortable doing for ANY reason.

It’s probably optimal for your business if you remain apolitical in all facets of your public life, and that’s especially true when you’re representing your business.

But if you don’t wish to be apolitical on your own time, even if people can tie you back to your business, then don’t.

We’re all gonna die someday, and when we do, we’ll be happier if we stayed true to ourselves, even if that cost us some money here and there.

You be you, first and foremost, always.


2018 Wedding Trend Predictions

Below, are the highlights from the answers that I received.  After reading this list of predictions, I’m sure that you’ll agree that 2018 will bring forth elegant, meaningful moments that we will remember forever!

  1. “Romantic woodland weddings will continue to grow in the popularity. From beautifully simple backyard ceremonies to lavish forest weddings. We’re seeing great enthusiasm for the beauty and peaceful ambiance only nature can provide.” – Mark Stover of
  2. “Hello, blush! The popular pale pink shade is sticking around, but we will be seeing it paired with a darker, dusty pink, as well as, silver and navy! Brides are choosing to brighten up the color palette for 2018 with the darker pink color and adding a dashing deep navy (a neutral that works well with anything and compliments any body shape). This makes it the perfect choice for a spring wedding!” – Rustic Rental Market, 
  3. “Lush green weddings with foliage will be key for creating intimate and beautiful event spaces. The look is dramatic with hanging installations (think hoops, green chandeliers, frames of floral abundance) and tall risers on tables filled with foliage and cascading blossoms.  If you’re dreaming of a wedding tucked deep away in a forest, then 2018 will be the year for you!”  – Jeannie Sheppard of   
  4. “Bridal separates will be immensely popular, as brides embrace the two-piece wedding dress trend to reflect their personal style statement. By mixing and matching tops and skirts in this interesting twist on the traditional wedding gown style, bridal outfits will marry together different textures, details and styles in either half and create unique looks. Consider it the ideal customized option for brides who cannot decide on a single style of wedding dress.  – Best for Bride   
  5. “Couples are taking more control over their ceremonies.Gone are the days where the officiant chose what was said at the ceremony.  Couples are taking more interest in the ceremony wording and order of events.  They are scouring to find marriage vows and ceremony wording that really fit them along with the perfect readings.  Adding unique additions to their ceremonies like special parent blessings, Unity Cross ceremonies, hourglass ceremonies, and box and/or wine ceremonies to name a few are finding their way into most ceremonies now.  There is also a huge increase in couples writing their own vows which always adds laughter and sometimes a few tears and really culminates the personalization of the whole ceremony.” – Erica Thimsen – Helping Hand Parties & Wedding Wedding Planner Delhi
  6. “Hawaii is trending as the leading destination of choice for couples who choose to wed or honeymoon outside of the continental U.S. Why is this?  Hawaii has all of the perfect ingredients for a destination wedding or honeymoon. Amazing climate, scenery that will take your breath away, top-notch resorts, gorgeous beaches, a foodies playground for cuisine, and outdoor adventures.  According to a recent study, Hawaii accounted for 35% of destination weddings Planner. The Hawaii Tourism Authority projects these numbers to increase, as do I. Zika concerns throughout the Caribbean and South America are influencing couples’ decisions when it comes to a destination for their wedding or honeymoon, and Hawaii is at the top of the list for 2018.”  – Lucky n Love  SMLW India
  7. “Outdoor weddings will continue to be popular with wineries being the most popular venues.   I also feel that the brides will do more hands on decorating.  There may be several reasons for do it yourself.   It lowers cost, plus, it allows a bride to personalize her ceremony with her tastes, and not an outsider’s taste.   If she is creative, it also gives her a chance to express her own creativity.   This can be very rewarding in itself.” – Laura Cummings of      Shubh Muhurat
  8. “Blue and White China.  Commonly known as “Willow”, this type of china has been in existence since the 14th century.  Modern designs hint at the traditional Chinoiserie illustrations, but with more floral motifs .  Look for curated settings mixing white china  with the blue and white, and even chargers in this pattern.” Shereé Bochenek of    SMLW India
  9. “Makeup is timeless.  It is flawless skin in person & in photography/videography & an enhancement of each individuals unique & beautiful features.” – JillyanScarpa of    wedding planner
  10. “Timeless elegance will be mixed with earthy flare! Romance looks easy when it is true!” – Tracy Silver of TS Tiara      



3 Leadership Skills For Your Wedding Business

It’s easy to come up with a list of great leaders, isn’t it? Warren Buffett. Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos. Martin Luther King, Jr. Nelson Mandela are to name a few. And, just for good measure and to swing the gender balance a bit, let’s add in Angela Merkel.

What a mixed bag I’ve chosen, right? I’m sure you can think of more!

However, the point is, the named leavers are all well-known for their distinctive leadership abilities. So, what actually makes a good leader and how can you incorporate the leadership attributes with your attitude that propels your wedding business?

Ask yourself a small question, do all businesses, large and small, need great leaders? Of course. No-brainer, right?

One of the things I’ve observed about every single name on my ‘great leaders’ list is that others wanted to be led by these individuals.

Now the question is what are the factors that made them such great leaders? I’ll venture to say that natural ability has shaped their leadership style—and their charismatic personality added more to their quality. But do you think that all had happened to them in a single day? One day all of them suddenly woke up and knew exactly how to lead the rest of the world?

No, probably not! They worked on it. In their attempts and hard work,  there was plenty of trial and error. And then they likely had three attributes that I think helped them succeed:

  1. Passion.
  2. Vision
  3. The ability to empower others.

We’ll discuss all three in just a second. First, though, I wanted to insert some real-life examples.

In writing this post, I leaned on a friend’s help. I asked my friend, if she has a boss who’s a good leader—and I’ll be honest. I sort of anticipated her answer.

She laughed and said, “Well, in my current job, my boss doesn’t listen, doesn’t seem to care about me, and micromanages everything I do.”

Yeah. There are so many of such ‘leaders’ around, aren’t there?

And after hearing my friend’s reply it is needless to say that my friend is looking for another job.

However, I know someone else who had won the boss lottery. When I asked this friend the same thing about his boss, he gushed and said, “My boss is so excited about coming to work every day, and it’s totally infectious. He has a vision for our sales department and all of us want to do our best for him.”

He went on to say that he could work for the same boss for the rest of his life and be forever happy.

So, the question here is how can you ensure that you’re doing that for your employees? Or do you know in your heart of hearts that your employees and your business are running you, not the other way around?

The best thing about learning how to lead is that you can learn how to lead. A quick Google or Amazon search can show you that—it’s undoubtedly a multimillion dollar industry!

Pick up a book about leadership (there are so many different philosophies on leadership, too) and get to reading’.

#1 – Passion

So, let’s go back to our list. Are you leading with passion?

How do you know? Well, are you excited about going to work every day? Are you more than thrilled to work on a Saturday?

Believe me, your employees can detect all these qualities whether you have the passion for your wedding business—and can figure it out, too, if you’re just going through the motions.

If you’re not loving it, you can’t lead effectively. 

#2 – Vision

Vision is another one of those biggies. Do you have big plans for your wedding business? No “big” plans? Do you at least have a vision that will hold steady through the end of the week?

Keep in mind that if you don’t have goals, you’re floundering. And if you don’t have benchmarks, then you seriously need them.

It’s just like you have goals for your life, such as, “I want to celebrate my 10-year anniversary of my wedding business by taking all of my employees to Mexico, so I will need to do X, Y, and Z to make that happen.”

For a successful wedding business you should also need specific goals that would drive you towards triumph.

Such things might seem to be elementary, but it is crucial, especially for small businesses.

By the way, wouldn’t your employees all love you then? Mexico, it is! Ha!

#3 – Empowering Others

Remember my friend whose boss is a major micromanager? (Yeah, don’t be like that.)

Believe it or not, even if you are the CEO of your wedding business, leading isn’t about you. It’s about others.

If that’s a revelation to you, then you should do the reality check! It’s really, really true.

Have you ever heard of the term, “Right bus, right seats?”

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